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Donate to Dutchmen Dip!


Hello faithful followers!!

I just wanted to share with you the Dutchmen Dip fundraiser that I am involved with at Union right now. This Sunday, March 3rd, Union’s Colleges Against Cancer club will be hosting its first ever “Dutchmen Dip” in honor of a 10-year-old member of our Union community, Kristen Shinebarger. Kristen’s mother, Shelly, is the Director of Student Support Services on campus. Kristen is battling Ewings Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer for the second time. On September 11, 2012, Kristen’s leg was amputated in order to battle this disease. Union is rallying behind Kristen in order to help raise money for a good prosthetic leg so that she can get back to doing the things she loves. For every $50 raised, a Union student will plunge into our outdoor pool to show support for Kristen!

I know cash is tight, but really every penny counts! It would mean the world to me if you could donate even just a few dollars to our cause and help us show support for this beautiful little girl. My donation page is available at:

Please click on the green “Contribute” button on the right to make a donation!!

If you want to learn more about our event, check out our Facebook page at:

We’re also on Twitter:

Here is a personal message from Kristen:

“Hi! My name is Kristen Shinebarger and I am 10 years old. I love animals and was very active before I found out I had cancer.  I am now  battling Ewings Sarcoma for the second time. Ewings Sarcoma is a rare form of bone cancer.   I had to have my right leg amputated.  For two years I have been on crutches and have not been able to do the things I like.  I want a good prosthetic leg so that I can be active and keep up with my friends on the playground. I love taking dance classes (tap and hiphop), playing dodgeball and running around the neighborhood with my brother and friends.” 

A message from Kristen’s mother, Shelly Shinebarger:

 “Kristen was a happy and healthy 8 year old before we heard the words “your daughter has a tumor”.  She was taking dance classes, swimming, in the girl scouts and was busy keeping up with her older   brother.  For the last two years she has had to watch from the sidelines and has not been able to do anything active.  She has had to watch as her friends run in the sprinklers, prepare for dance concerts and play soccer in the yard.  She has done this without complaints and with a smile on her face.  Having dealt with this for two years, she was ok with the decision to get her leg amputated. Kristen understood that this is what it would take to help save her life and to help her get her back on the playground.  She needs a good prosthetic to help her reach that goal. We are lucky that my employer, Union College, has great insurance which covers 80% of the prosthetic leg. What we didn’t realize is there are various models and that you have to buy them in parts. The knee alone for example can cost $4000 to $40,000.   She will also need new legs/parts every 6 months or so as she grows.  
We thank you in advance for helping us help our daughter get her life back. She deserves to be out on the playground and dancing with her friends.”

Thanks again, guys, for helping me with this very meaningful cause!


four eyes


I have a thing for tortoise shell accessories. Tortoise shell glasses? I die. During one of my many, many interviews for my summer internship a middle aged business man was rocking a gorgeous pair of honey-colored tortoise shell glasses. They were incredible! They looked outstanding with his blue blazer and colorful printed tie and exuded a certain timeless air that said, “yes, I rock at my job.” Kudos to the man who embraces his preppy proclivities! Regardless of age or gender, a good pair of tortoise shell glasses looks good on just about anybody. If you’re on the look-out for a new pair, I totally recommend going tortoise. And if you’re not, what the SHELL! Get a pair anyway!

happy weekend

happy weekend

We earned it, guys!



It’s pretty much an obsession. I definitely thought that the smartphone application was sketchy at first (read: “You control how long your friends can view your message — we’ll let you know if they take a screenshot!”), but then I realized that the real-time picture chatting application is literally a laugh a minute (or 1 – 10 seconds — “you decide!”). Even if a friend doesn’t send me a silly picture, it still makes me laugh! You can type brief messages on a banner across a picture before you send it or even add some doodles using your finger and a spectrum of colors. If you don’t have the free app, I totally recommend getting it! And if you do, you know what I’m talking about! What’s your go-to snapchat face?







(p.s. How cute is my gray vest?!)

plans unplanned

rainy NYC

rainy NYC

Remember the time I sang the praises of planning ahead (i.e. yesterday)?? Well, it looks like I jinxed myself because after feeling so confident about my travel plans down to the city yesterday, it seemed the universe wanted to send me a little reminder that even with the best of planning sometimes some things just can’t be planned for. Take for instance when I walked out of the subway station yesterday: I had just successfully made it to Penn Station on time (even after a 20 minute delay in Poughkeepsie), navigated the correct local uptown train, when I started walking up the stairs to the street and saw that they were wet. What? It was raining. Since when does is rain in New York in February?! Even after all of my planning, even after making sure I had cold medicine and cough drops and mints and gum and chargers and a Tide-to-go and hand sanitizer and an extra pen and safety pins and an extra hair tie and a mini contact solution — I didn’t plan for rain. But it was alright. Such is life! It was humbling. Sometimes plans go unplanned. The world keeps spinning.

travel tactics


I can’t stress to you enough the importance of doing a good dry run when it comes to traveling for business, especially when it comes to interviews. I’ve made the argument before (remember this?), but it is a point worth restating (many, many times, in fact). Today I am traveling down to New York for yet another round of interviews. Normally I would be beyond stressed about the travel part, but I’ve made the trip so many times now that traveling is the least of my worries — as it should be!! The most valuable part of doing a good dry run (or multiple dry runs) when it comes to traveling is not the hand it lends in assuring punctuality on the day of the actual event, but the stress it relieves you of on that day. By and large my only stress today is the actual interview. And while that can be horrifying in its own way, it is an incredible thing! Doing a good dry run lets me focus on questions like “do you see the stock market going up or down in the next few months?” rather than “HELP! Is this train going uptown or downtown?!”

Do you have any travel tips of your own? How do you overcome unexpected travel obstacles?

weekend recap


I treated myself to a trip home this past weekend. We just made it through week 6 here at Union and I was definitely in need of some family (and couch!) time. Granted I did school work for the majority of my weekend, but I did make some time for fun. Starting in the upper left-hand corner and going clockwise here is what I did:

1. My new Sperrys finally arrived! It’s still a bit too cold to rock them in the 12308, but they were meant to get wet, right?

2. Explored the Shaker Bay housing complex that overlooks the Mohawk River. It’s a fantastic place to go day-dream-driving!

3. Worked at the laundro. Lots of dry-cleaning, always lots of dry-cleaning…

4. Went to the Cheesecake Factory with my family for my mother’s birthday! She and I got the same meal — like mother, like daughter! ❤

Did you do anything fun or special this weekend?