ash wednesday


Today marks the beginning of the Lenten season in the Roman Catholic calendar. For most, Lent means giving up some bad habit, but I think sometimes people misinterpret the act as a sort-of “diet for God.” Lent is about preparing for Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection and should be a time to focus on building our relationship with Him. I absolutely adore the season because I see it as the ultimate time to step back from life and remember what it’s all really about and who it’s all really for. Last year I tried doing something proactive for Lent as well as giving up all sweets. This year I will do my classic fast, but I will also be making a point to attend more religious events. I have been doing an unacceptably poor job of making it to mass and other Catholic events this term and I really do feel the emotional fall-out from skipping these things. In 40 days I hope to have attended myriad masses, focused on God over goodies, and ultimately be a better Catholic.

What are your plans for Lent? A great start would be to join us for an Ash Wednesday Mass tonight in Memorial Chapel at 8:00pm!


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