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bon voyage!

me and my twin the first time I visited her in Cali back in 2011!

me and my twin the first time I visited her in Cali back in 2011!

Tomorrow I fly to California to visit my twin sister, Julia! I am so super duper excited to see her, you have no idea. Between searching for internships (not so promising, very promising!!!), killing myself with clubs (Russian, Russian, more Russian, more Russian, Culinary, more Culinary, Catholic Student Association, Colleges Against Cancer, more CACU for Israel), killing myself with classes (not enough hours in the day, stress & lack of sleep, ), traveling all over the place (NY, NY again, DC), getting sick, lots of snow, lots of ups and lots of down down downs, this term has been a killer one. But somehow we made it!! While I am doubtful that a single week will be long enough to fully recover from these last 10, I already know how I want to spend my 168 precious hours of vacation:

– snuggling with my twin

– basking in the beautiful California sun

– running outside

reading books for fun

making collages

– watching reruns of the Bachelor

– sleeping

– practicing my Russian

– shopping!

– getting my nails done

– getting a tan

– watching the latest season of Suits

– exploring Pasadena

– eating nice meals

going to Disneyland

– getting a massage

– watching all past Mad Men episodes

– catching up with my twinny

– NOT thinking about school or work!!


While I am typically disinclined to put blogging on hold for a week (because I genuinely love it with all of my heart), I know my mother would yell at me if I didn’t do everything in my power to not do anything this week and truly take it as a vacation. So, although I won’t be posting anything during the next week, you can still follow me on Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest if you have separation anxiety! Please have the best vacation, beautiful blog-lovers, and keep me updated on all of your spring break plans! XOXO


at the present i am…

at the present i am...

Clare, of the adorable blog Clarabelle, recently had a post that I thought was  just too cute not to imitate. She outlined a couple of her current happenings which I think is such a nice treat for readers who are always curious about the writers behind their favorite blogs! I’m calling mine, “at the present I am…” So here it goes:

at the present I am…

♥ wearing: A workout tank and yoga pants — I didn’t have a chance to get to the gym at all during my exams and I am finally back on track
♥ listening: Philip Phillips — one of my best friends suggested I listen to his album on Spotify and now I can’t stop
♥ reading: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks — It’s the first time in 10 weeks I’ve had a chance to read a book for fun… Yes, I am still uncomfortable with the concept
♥ watching: The Bachelor — I know it’s over, but watching reruns on the ABC app on my iPad is the only way I know how to use an elliptical!
♥ doing: Getting ready for my trip to Cali on Saturday!
♥ loving: Daydreaming about Spring term at Union…
♥ hating: The fact that I don’t think I did so well on my Financial Analysis final — hopefully everyone else bombed it as well?
♥ wishing: Spring break was more than 1 week long
♥ wanting: To revamp my blog this spring and keep growing my social media networks. Any suggestions?

at the present, what are YOU doing?

study like a hockey player


Last weekend our Union Men’s Ice Hockey team crushed Dartmouth 5 to 2 at Messa Rink, securing a spot in the ECAC Hockey Semifinals. While the amazing game was a welcome study break for all as we headed into finals week, I realized that our beautiful hockey boys exemplified some key qualities that, if imitated, could help us all win this winter term finals season:

1. Prepare really well — For ten weeks your professors have been feeding you knowledge, setting you up to succeed. Like a hockey player waiting on the edge of his blades for the puck to drop, you have everything you need to anticipate the questions you might encounter on your final exam and how your professors are  expecting you to answer them.

2. HUSTLE! — Our hockey players are lightening fast! When it comes to studying for finals, don’t get overwhelmed, just get it done! All the intelligence in the world can’t make up for hard work.

3. Be gracious — At the end of the day, it’s all about learning. Our professors have put in just as much hard work as we have and we have to remember to be thankful for that. Sure, finals can be exhausting, but how lucky are we to have this awesome opportunity to study and devote four years of our lives to growing as people?! Forget your GPA; forget the scoreboard — college is a place that lets us all win.

sophomore slump, junior…?


From top-to-bottom left-to-right: 1. My monthly calendar looks crazy — and I only write the big due-dates on that! 2. My little laptop is (knock on wood) still holding up despite the obscene amount of use it gets. 3. I My primary source of sustenance is cereal stolen from the dining halls… 4. I live off of gum. I honestly go through over a pack a day. It’s a problem. 5. I’ve already gone through multiple highlighters. Have you ever finished a highlighter in your life?!

I was never one to believe in college stereotypes like the “sophomore slump.” I always figured that as long as you worked hard everything would be alright and everything would get done. I may have avoided the frightening sophomore slump, but I must admit that junior year is brutal; you’re past all introductory level courses, you’re way involved with officer positions in all of your clubs,  and there’s a little thing called an internship/job search that is ever-ominously looming. Junior year is a lot of work!! I’ve never had to pull an all-nighter in my life (thank goodness!), but this term has seen some pretty ridiculous nap-length nights of sleep… far too many to be healthy! And it’s not like I’m goofing around either! Even working straight from dawn to dusk, sometimes I fear that there will literally not be enough hours in the day to complete certain tasks. This term has been insane with school work, club work, and work work and I really hope that spring can bring some ray of relaxation… even an hour of TV a week would be nice! Anyone else feeling the stress?

the finishline



Today is Union’s last day of classes for the winter term. While classwork and homework assignment may now be behind us, finals are not. I will be spending the next few days catching up on readings, reviewing my old exams, going to last-mintue study sessions, and tutoring an unreal number of desperate economics students. Stay tuned for some future study-tip-sharing posts, but in the meantime check out these old helpful hints: here, here, and here!

pi day


Seeing that it is Pi Day (3/14) and a Thursday, I thought it would only be fitting to combine my bizarre love 0f math with a little #tbt (throwback Thursday) loving. I hope you enjoy this pic of me rocking a Pi shirt while at Disneyland with my twin sister last year! (I am visiting her again in nine days!! Eek!)

Cat ’14

Cat '14

As some of you may well know, I upload a fair number of my blog posts from TheGarnetLetter to Union College’s collective student blog “Unfiltered.” I usually don’t pay much attention to my publishing setting on the site, but the other day I read my profile name, Cat ’14, and did a double take: Cat ’14. As in the year 2014. As in I will be graduating in 2014. That’s frighteningly soon! Sometimes because I transferred I feel like I did my freshman year twice, so I feel like I have more time left at Union than I actually do. It’s really scary and sad because I love this place SO much. In just 5 short terms I have beasted my classes, joined and led so many wonderful clubs, built amazing relationships with brilliant professors and faculty, and (best of all) made friendships that will sincerely last my entire lifetime. I may be setting myself up for some nice gigs post-grad and I of course miss my twin like crazy, but I’m not ready to leave this place. At least not any time soon!