Cat ’14

Cat '14

As some of you may well know, I upload a fair number of my blog posts from TheGarnetLetter to Union College’s collective student blog “Unfiltered.” I usually don’t pay much attention to my publishing setting on the site, but the other day I read my profile name, Cat ’14, and did a double take: Cat ’14. As in the yearΒ 2014. As in I will be graduating in 2014. That’s frighteningly soon! Sometimes because I transferred I feel like I did my freshman year twice, so I feel like I have more time left at Union than I actually do. It’s really scary and sad because I love this place SO much. In just 5 short terms I have beasted my classes, joined and led so many wonderful clubs, built amazing relationships with brilliant professors and faculty, and (best of all) made friendships that will sincerely last my entire lifetime. I may be setting myself up for some nice gigs post-grad and I of course miss my twin like crazy, but I’m not ready to leave this place. At least not any time soon!


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