at the present i am…

at the present i am...

Clare, of the adorable blog Clarabelle, recently had a post that I thought was  just too cute not to imitate. She outlined a couple of her current happenings which I think is such a nice treat for readers who are always curious about the writers behind their favorite blogs! I’m calling mine, “at the present I am…” So here it goes:

at the present I am…

♥ wearing: A workout tank and yoga pants — I didn’t have a chance to get to the gym at all during my exams and I am finally back on track
♥ listening: Philip Phillips — one of my best friends suggested I listen to his album on Spotify and now I can’t stop
♥ reading: Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks — It’s the first time in 10 weeks I’ve had a chance to read a book for fun… Yes, I am still uncomfortable with the concept
♥ watching: The Bachelor — I know it’s over, but watching reruns on the ABC app on my iPad is the only way I know how to use an elliptical!
♥ doing: Getting ready for my trip to Cali on Saturday!
♥ loving: Daydreaming about Spring term at Union…
♥ hating: The fact that I don’t think I did so well on my Financial Analysis final — hopefully everyone else bombed it as well?
♥ wishing: Spring break was more than 1 week long
♥ wanting: To revamp my blog this spring and keep growing my social media networks. Any suggestions?

at the present, what are YOU doing?


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