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week five

week five

It is week five of spring term here at Union, and you know what that means: MIDTERMS! But, fortunately for you, some of us have been through this wringer before (kindly offering tips here, here, and here) and are happy to help again! Here are the tricks that I will be living by this week:

Figure out your schedule. — It’s absolutely essential that you organize your time before diving into studying. Figure out what needs to get done and then come up with a game plan. You will feel so much better if you have a gauge of where you’re at with your work and how close you are to completion.

Interact with friends. — While some people resort to locking themselves in the library all week, I do not think this is conducive to test prep. Sometimes the best way to learn something is to review it with friends and have fun.  

Venture off campus. — Whether you’re looking for a study break or simply in search of a new studying venue, it’s always a good idea to look off campus! Hit up Starbucks, the public library, or a cute cafe!

Enjoy studying! — Wait, is this an oxymoron?! No. This is possible. We’re at school to learn and become better people and we should not forget this aim during hectic and stressful testing times. Enjoy yourself while you study and that positivity will hopefully translate positively towards your grades!


Best of luck!


language expo!

language expo

Come join us today, April 29th, during Common Lunch in Reamer Pit for the first event of International Week — Language Expo! Learn key phrases from languages around the world from your fellow Union students. Yours truly will be sharing some quintessential quotes по-русский! Make sure to stop by today and say, “Здравствуйте!”



Two of my most favorite applications on my iPhone are (without a doubt) Bloomberg and CNBC. Both news apps are great for checking news stories, markets data, stocks, and videos. However, my most favorite part of each is the breaking news notification feature.  I get real-time updates sent to my phone with regards to just-released economic data and indicators, “early-movers” on the stock market each day, closing stock indices values, “after-hours buzz” stocks, and of course breaking new stories.


The notifications pop up on my screen just as a text message notification would and I can easily swipe across the symbol if I am interested in reading more. Granted, the applications are very financially-focused, but they are also super useful for news-buffs and I totally recommend downloading them (if not for the simple fact that they’re free!) Do you have any favorite news apps?


Undeniably the best notification I ever received. Usually the apps don’t mess up, but this one literally made me laugh out loud during class. My friend cunningly commented, “someone was fired over this.” Hahaha

israeli inspiration

the crowd listening to Dan Senor in the Nott

the crowd listening to Dan Senor speak in the Nott

Last weekend the campus and Union College community members had the pleasure of hearing Dan Senor, co-author of “Start-up Nation: the Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle,” speak about the economic miracle of Israel. The event, which was held in our very own Nott Memorial, was very well attended and truly inspirational. Senor spoke about the abundance of start-up companies that Israel produces and the way the country’s unique structure — one of an extremely large and proud immigrant population and a workforce that has almost entirely served in the military at some point during their lives — lends itself to an economy of innovation and ingenuity. My most favorite take-away from the talk was Senor’s suggestion for American students: embrace failure; it is gold. Senor explained that from a very young age Israelis learn that failure is not a stigma, but an opportunity for growth and personal development. Israelis are successful economically because they are not afraid to try and try again. If the first thing that we liked to share with people was our greatest failure, rather than our greatest success, we might be able to approach the world in a very different way and create things that could change the way we live forever. I think Union students have the potential to do this — can you prove me right?

Dan Senor kindly signing copies of his book for enthusiastic readers

Dan Senor kindly signing copies of his book for enthusiastic readers

(all photos courtesy of Maggie Weinreb, Union College Class of 2013)

pierogi fest!

pierogi fest

Come join the Russian and East European Culture Club at 6 PM on Wednesday, April 24th, in Beuth House as we present Pierogi Fest, a much-loved event chock full of delicious food and warm East European culture. All students are welcome!

healthy habits

healthy habits

I think it’s time I get healthy again. My freshman year of college I was really good about going to the gym regularly and eating really well. Since coming to Union I’ve kept up the gym part (to the best that my schedule allows…), but  have let my eating hit the ceiling. The candy at the Reamer Campus Center is my greatest vice (read: chocolate covered cookie dough, chocolate covered gummy bears, nonpareils… pretty much anything chocolate) and it’s too easy for me to make excuses of why I can have a certain treat. It’s time to shape up! Here are some of my personal steps to getting back on track:

1. Buy a Lululemon headband — my hair is all over the place when I run. If I have a nice way to hold it all back, I might have additional motivation to get out there and show it off!

2. Eat only dark chocolate for candy — I don’t even really like milk chocolate (I find it too sweet) and I don’t like weird chocolate candies either (they taste kind of fake and strange to me), but for some reason just the fact that they are chocolate is enough for me to finish a half a pound of them. Time to stick to what I like, which is healthier anyway!

3. Buy new sneakers — They say you should replace your sneakers every 500 miles… I have no idea how many miles I’ve run in these bad boys, but the tongues are coming un-sewn… that might be a sign that I need a new pair…

4. Drink more (caffeine-free) tea — I LOVE tea. Like, LOVELOVELOVE tea. Like make-four-cups-at-once LOVE tea. I usually go for herbals or mints or berries, all of which tend to be naturally caffeine-free, but recently I have been negligent in paying attention to whether or not something I am drinking contains caffeine. My stomach is super sensitive to it, so this is probably a bad thing… I need to change this.

5. Switch it up! — I am undeniably a Cat of habit; I do my same old routine at the gym and hardly ever change anything (unless rotating the same kind of work-outs day by day counts). It’s time for me to think of exercise as more than just hitting the elliptical. I’m talking about bike rides and walks and boating and fishing (ok, that’s sedentary, but I love it).

Do you have any healthy-living tips?

awesome advising

awesome advising
I have had a very unique experience with academic advising during my time here at Union. As a student transferring out of Boston College as a mathematics major, I was initially assigned to the academic head of the mathematics department. The college assigns all transfer students to the department chair of their respective declared major. The very kind Professor Taylor helped me through the initial registration process. Of course, when I decided to become an economics major, I was then switched over to the chair of the economics department. The smart Professor Song guided me through my first few terms here at Union. While I was extremely happy with each of the advisors I had had so far, I was inclined to ask Dean McCarty, the Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, to be my advisor. The brilliant woman began her time here at Union as a professor of economics and has since only further spread her wealth of knowledge throughout the college as Dean. So, how did I, a meager transfer student, come to know Dean McCarty? I grew up going to school with her lovely daughter! But whether or not you have obscure Union connections (which you probably do because — let’s face it — everyone does), Union is just like that — a family affair. With every interaction I have had with professors it has felt like an advising relationship. Professors at Union genuinely want to see their students succeed and offer guidance and mentorship at every turn. Without Dean McCarty, I wouldn’t be taking Seminar in Econometrics right now — a course that I thought I was going to hate, but actually love and has led me to yet another amazing professor at Union, Professor Schmidt of the economics department. I didn’t want to take the course out of fear that it would be terribly dry, but Dean McCarty promised me that it is only during college that you have the opportunity to learn challenging subjects like this from absolute experts. I knew to cede my own judgement to hers and I am so glad that I did! I love the class and Professor Schmidt’s enthusiasm is absolutely contagious! Put simply, my advising experience has been classic Union: friendly, rewarding, and inspiring!