healthy habits

healthy habits

I think it’s time I get healthy again. My freshman year of college I was really good about going to the gym regularly and eating really well. Since coming to Union I’ve kept up the gym part (to the best that my schedule allows…), but  have let my eating hit the ceiling. The candy at the Reamer Campus Center is my greatest vice (read: chocolate covered cookie dough, chocolate covered gummy bears, nonpareils… pretty much anything chocolate) and it’s too easy for me to make excuses of why I can have a certain treat. It’s time to shape up! Here are some of my personal steps to getting back on track:

1. Buy a Lululemon headband — my hair is all over the place when I run. If I have a nice way to hold it all back, I might have additional motivation to get out there and show it off!

2. Eat only dark chocolate for candy — I don’t even really like milk chocolate (I find it too sweet) and I don’t like weird chocolate candies either (they taste kind of fake and strange to me), but for some reason just the fact that they are chocolate is enough for me to finish a half a pound of them. Time to stick to what I like, which is healthier anyway!

3. Buy new sneakers — They say you should replace your sneakers every 500 miles… I have no idea how many miles I’ve run in these bad boys, but the tongues are coming un-sewn… that might be a sign that I need a new pair…

4. Drink more (caffeine-free) tea — I LOVE tea. Like, LOVELOVELOVE tea. Like make-four-cups-at-once LOVE tea. I usually go for herbals or mints or berries, all of which tend to be naturally caffeine-free, but recently I have been negligent in paying attention to whether or not something I am drinking contains caffeine. My stomach is super sensitive to it, so this is probably a bad thing… I need to change this.

5. Switch it up! — I am undeniably a Cat of habit; I do my same old routine at the gym and hardly ever change anything (unless rotating the same kind of work-outs day by day counts). It’s time for me to think of exercise as more than just hitting the elliptical. I’m talking about bike rides and walks and boating and fishing (ok, that’s sedentary, but I love it).

Do you have any healthy-living tips?


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