springfest weekend

springfest weekend

This was arguably one of my best weekends at Union College ever. Springfest weekend always promises to be one of the highlights of the year for Dutchmen and women campus-wide, but something about this year was extra awesome. From left-to-right, top-to-bottom in the picture above, here were some of my top weekend wonders:

1. On Thursday night I went to the annual Island party at Delta Kappa Epsilon. It was great to unwind with friends after a stressful day of finals and the excitement for the next few days was omnipresent!

2. Friday afternoon I went to my first ever outside Ozone cafe! The weekly lunch was held out back behind Old Chapel and Sorum House and the food was absolutely incredible (as always).

3. Saturday: SPRINGFEST! My morning started bright and early welcoming visiting friends who came in just for the day and watching excited students play volleyball in the beautiful sunshine!

4. My street, Seward Place, was a hub of awesome party energy. My neighbors set up an inflatable pool in the backyard and we spent the time before the concert playing paddle ball and catching up with friends.

5. The concert was just awesome! American Authors and Chiddy Bang played first, but definitely Dirty Head’s finale was the best performance. Their music was so chill and absolutely perfect for some concert-season relaxation. I don’t think a single student had a bad time.

6. By night time, we were all exhausted. After having a delicious barbecue in our backyard, we made a bonfire and ate s’mores as the sun set. It was absolutely the perfect ending to a perfect day!


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