Most students at Union fear week 5 — it marks the halfway point of our term and, more notoriously, midterms. But it usually isn’t week 5 that gets me, it’s the few following weeks; by about week 7 (i.e. NOW) I really start to burn out. The work is finally well under way in all of my classes, we’re way beyond any review periods, and end-of-term projects begin to loom ominously in the not-too-far distance. It’s weeks like these that I have to remind myself why things are the way they are. As irrational and as pointless as the hectic schedule of college appears sometimes, at its heart there is a method to its madness; crazy future work schedules obviously come to mind most immediately, but what about future life in general? Whether we decide to get married, or embrace single life forever, or live with our parents, or avoid our extended families completely, or have children, or just have a lot of cats, we will inevitably be faced with many more all-nighters in our futures that don’t involve midterms or finals (technically speaking). It is important to remember that, “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” So pull up those anchors and push on forward!


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