Last week Union’s Speakers Forum welcomed Jerry Greenfield of Ben and Jerry’s  premium ice cream to speak to our campus community. While the free ice cream at the end was awesome, listening to Jerry’s perspective on life and business was without-a-doubt the best part. As a student interested in both economics and entrepreneurship, Jerry’s anecdotes were extremely helpful and eye-opening. Perhaps my biggest take away from the evening was that making ice cream didn’t start as a life long passion for either Ben or Jerry; the two friends simply knew that they wanted to get into the food business together and ended up choosing ice cream. I like this story because I’m a person who feels like I need to have everything figured out to the finest of details before going into something, but Jerry’s words convinced me that all you need to know is that you want to go into business and the rest will fall into place (with some hard work, of course!). During a time of personal high-stress, Jerry’s talk made me excited and I like being excited.


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