camp union

camp union

A few weeks ago Maura wrote about how during the spring term Union becomes less of a college and more of camp. This point needs emphasizing. I swear, Union is not a real place during the spring term. Between gorgeous weather, awesome campus-wide energy, and so many incredible eventsit’s no wonder why people are absolutely obsessed with Union during the springtime! Just yesterday I was casually walking back from class when I saw a bouncy bounce set up on West Beach. I mean, during the spring term there are so many things going on that even someone very well connected and on top of all of the campus social media networks and calendar emails cannot keep up with everything! I don’t think I appreciated everything that was happening on campus last spring and I think this year I’m realizing that I just can’t wrap my head around all of the awesomeness! Union always rocks, but during the spring term? Don’t even get me started!


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