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desk obsessed

desk 1

Put simply, I’m desk obsessed. Maybe it’s because I spend so much time working, but I really think the nature of my office area has a critical impact on the quality of the work I produce and the way in which I approach it. A desk of course has to be clean and organized, but above all I think it has to be inspirational. How can a work area be inspirational? 1. Light 2. Color and 3. A little surprise!


1. Light — Light is easy: don’t be afraid to put your desk right near/next to/under a window. This year I arranged my room so that my desk is literally right up against my window. I find that the breeze is super refreshing and the natural light does wonders when I’m staring at a computer screen all day.


2. Color — I think the best way to add color to a desk area is to hang up an inspiration board (think Pinterest, but in real life!). The best part is that you can hang almost anything on it — cards, magazine clippings, coupons… a pin’s the limit!


3. A little surprise — For me, this will always be flowers. I don’t have real flowers on my desk because 1. I’m allergic and 2. I don’t have the money for that, but flowers (even fake flowers) are such an unexpectedly perfect thing to have in your work area to make work feel a little bit less like work.


How do you make your work area your work area?


ta ta, twin!


my beautiful twin, julia

Yesterday my twin sister flew from Albany to LAX to go back to school. I always hate when Julia leaves in the fall because it officially marks the end of my summer too. The single most difficult thing I have had to deal with during my time in college (yes, even counting work!) is being apart from my twin sister. It’s like a piece of me is missing. I took her constant presence for granted during our younger years and I now miss her every day. But growing up and being a apart has been exhilarating and has made us closer in a way. I am so proud of my twin sister and wish her the best of luck during her senior year!!

my twin at the track

my twin at the track

twin date at the russian tea room!

twin date at the russian tea room!

literally one of the funniest snapchats i have ever received

literally one of the funniest snapchats i have ever received… sorry, jules!




steps 2, 3, and 4

steps 3, 4, and 5…

I’m always looking for new, fun, inexpensive ways to decorate my dorm room. Interior aesthetics in college are so difficult because you don’t have the money to make your place look like this, but at the same time you don’t want something that screams, “I’m semi-homeless!” Last year my sister helped me with this beautiful idea, but this year I wanted something a little simpler and more grown-up. I literally whipped up this monogram DIY the morning before I moved back into school. It’s super simple and oh-so-classic. Give it a try for yourself:

1. Find a blank canvas from your local craft store. Pre-painted white ones are the best! (Mine was left over in my basement from when I had “borrowed” a few canvases from my art class in high school…)

2. Stencil your initials (first, LAST, middle) on lightly with a pencil. I found that practicing on a piece of paper once and then just doing it free-hand worked best for me. It doesn’t need to be perfect because you can make small adjustments as you paint. Some good fonts are available here.

3. Go over the basic letters with paint first. Use a uniform thickness for this step.

4. Add your embellishments and curly-q’s next. Again, use a uniform thickness.

5. Now it’s time to beef up the letters. Look at the original monogram fonts for guidance (see step 2), and remember that it’s easier to add paint than to take it away!

6. Once you’re satisfied with the monogram, add a fun border. (I went for a very Gatsby look!)

7. Let dry, hang, and enjoy!!

voila! c'est magnifique!

voila! c’est magnifique!

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basically neutral

basically neutral 1

My twin sister swears by neutrals; almost her entire wardrobe consists of grays, browns, and dark blues. I used to give her a hard time about it, but when I realized that she could mix and match many more outfits much more easily than I could I had a change of heart. Maybe neutrals are the way to go! And with a pop of color? Yes, please!

basically neutral 2


basically neutral 3


gym day


gymdaySometimes, I just need a good gym day. Usually I don’t even realize it except for the fact that I’m tired and fed-up and feel like doing nothing in the world — not even sleeping — that’s when I know that I need a good gym day. See, if I can just muster up enough effort to get myself over to the gym, (almost) anything can be fixed! The best (and I mean the best) is about 40 minutes into a workout when I feel the endorphins kick in. For me, it’s as if everything has color again and my creativity is sparked and I see inspiration everywhere. You just can’t beat it! So, feeling out of sorts? Hit the gym!!

apple of my eye

picking pretty!

picking pretty!

This weekend I went apple picking with my family. Considering what a moment fall has been having in my life lately (see here and here), this was the perfect weekend treat! We went to my favorite Fo’Castle Farms (remember when I went there way back when?) and filled up enough bags to feed a small country. At 95 cents per pound and literal right-off-the-tree freshness, how could we resist? I highly recommend taking advantage of the season in the capital region and planning an apple picking trip with friends or family. Plus, you know what they say about apples!

the Boy... he makes it look so easy!

the Boy… he makes it look so easy!

of course Julia would find the mutated apple...

of course Julia would find the mutated apple…


thacher park

thacher park

I have a secret to tell you about my class schedule this term: I do not have any classes on Thursdays. Now, no need to go bananas just yet — I plan on filling my Thursdays with working on my senior thesis, searching for that little thing called a job, and all of those other classic crazy Cat things — but for my first full week of classes I decided to treat myself to a Thursday outdoors and a trip to nearby Thacher State Park. It took about 45 minutes by car to get there from school and the panoramic views of the Hudson and Mohawk Valleys (see above) were beyond. I fully intended on hiking the famous Indian Ladder Trail there, but when my car had some serious trouble starting back up (he’s a problem child…) I decided it was best to not push my luck and simply just squeak back home while he would still turn on. Nevertheless, it was just the Thursday excursion I was looking for and I can’t wait to go back and hike for real!