online window shopping

lululemon Wrunning layoutEvery once in a while on go on an online window shopping spree. What is an online window shopping spree? Well, for one thing, it’s probably the cheapest way to find pleasure that I know of! Essentially, it involves scrupulously scouring over every inch of a brand’s online shop. This week’s target? Lululemon. I went on this splurge via my iPad while on the elliptical, so I wasn’t being totally frivolous, but if I was going to be frivolous, here’s what I would buy:

lulu ignite tank

Ignite Tank – $64

lulu swank tank

Swank Tank – $58

lulu vinyasa scarf

Vinyasa Scarf – $48

lulu swiftly headband

Swiftly Headband – $14

Do you ever indulge in online window shopping? What is on your lust list?


3 responses to “online window shopping

  1. Nice stuff. i am going to bookmark your site.

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