be present in life


be preset in lifeI have always had a passion for entrepreneurial pursuits; I’ve taken a few courses on the subject (both awesome and part of the reason I came to Union College), love attending entrepreneurial events, and am always so impressed by the ideas and the schedule! There are so many articles and videos and sites about entrepreneurship on the internet, but I find that I like to read the same articles over and over again and am able to find new inspiration and new interpretations with every read. One of those articles is the Wall Street Journal’s “How Entrepreneurs Come Up With Great Ideas.” I think my favorite piece of advice from the article is Angela Benton‘s (Founder and CEO of NewME Accelerator) suggestion to “be present in life.” She mentions how, “Something as simple as having a cup of coffee becomes a juggling act of replying to emails and managing schedules” (guilty!) and says that as long as we can find balance for everything in our lives — the sciences, the arts, the practical, the “impractical” — an awesome idea just might come our way! So, even if you’re not hoping to start your own business one day, but are merely looking for some thesis inspiration, be present today. You never know what might pop into your head!


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