krass & co.




I have the most exciting news: I recently became a Brand Rep for Krass & Co! Krass & Co. is an exciting new brand at the forefront of preppy athletic wear. Think Cape Cod, think Martha’s Vineyard, think Nantucket. Think frat, think prep school, think college.


I first came across Krass & Co. during my own blog reading (besides being an avid blog writer, I am a very passionate blog reader!) and I absolutely fell in love with their shorts.  The fit is phenomenal, the details are to-die-for, and the prints are prep-tastic! They make stuff for girls and guys alike and the prices are totally affordable. The best news? You can now save 20% by using the code “Usave” at checkout! So go ahead, treat yourself to a pair of the best sports shorts you’ll ever own! (And tell your friends, too!)


Save 20% with “Usave” code @


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