a taste of fall


There is nothing more quintessentially fall than caramel covered apples. Something about the fresh, crisp apples paired with the sticky, delicious caramel is absolutely magical. And with an assortment of pre-made caramel “sheets” and dips on the market, whipping up a batch of caramel covered apples has never been easier. Personally, I am a fan of the peel-and-go sheets, but I encourage you to get creative with your caramel covered apple pursuits! Maybe try strips of caramel for something on the healthier side… try letting your caramel covered apples dry in a bed of sprinkles for an extra sweet treat… include chocolate in your go-to ingredients to make an incredible creation even better… the possibilities are endless! Try something new and share it with me on Twitter @catziac !


(and see here, here and here for more reasons to love fall!)


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