no government? no thesis

While I follow global financial markets, I have never been a big one for news and political what-not. History, political science, and current events are in no way my forte. However, I was forced to mind the recent, scandalous U.S. federal government shutdown when it impacted me in a very direct and personal way: I can’t do my thesis! I am a senior at Union College in upstate New York and as part of my ultimate year at the institution, I am required to write a 60 page + thesis within my magnificent major, economics. My thesis is essentially a consulting project for the Union Admissions Office investigating how admissions data corresponds to a student’s decision to enroll, but part of that work requires holding Union statistics up against some other empirical measures. Measures that scores of theses writers have acquired from IPEDS – the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System hosted by the U.S. Department of Education. But, upon trying to access such information, I was encountered by the above roadblock. Thank goodness that the impasse has come to pass, if not for my own sake then at least for the sake of my thesis advisor!


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