bubble tea


The first time I tasted bubble tea I had to spit it up into a garbage can. The Taiwanese tea-based drink is also known as “pearl milk tea” or “boba milk tea” and usually contains some mixture of ice, tea, milk, flavoring, and tapioca balls. The tapioca balls or “pearls” (or, most endearingly, “boba”) are what will really get you the first time, but now I love them! The perfect tapioca balls sit at the bottom of your bubble tea, a little warm, soft and chewy on the outside, and a little dense at the core. I like to describe them to boba new-bees as gummy-bear-like treats. The only place to get good bubble tea around here is from Yo. D.serT in Crossgates Mall, but it can in no way compare to the bubble tea you can get in L.A. (see the obsession here and here); SoCal bubble tea is incredible and I can’t wait to visit my sister and indulge. YUM!


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