I love the new M.I.A. album, “Matangi.” I’m a huge “Bad Girls” fan, so when her newest album was released early last week, I was very excited. Granted, some of the songs are a little… bizarre… but I kind of like that when it comes to music. Music is art and I can appreciate everything from a Sibelius violin concerto to trap. Why not be a little weird? As long as your music has some kind of talent/creativity behind it, it’s fine by me! So while I might not understand anything that M.I.A. has written on her website, I will definitely be adding some of her newest songs to my go-to Spotify playlists. My favorites include:

1. Bad Girls

2. Double Bubble Trouble

3. Y.A.L.A

4. Bring the Noize

What are your favorite new M.I.A. songs?


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