sleep in san francisco


I’ve been in California for approximately 48 hours and I’m afraid to admit that I’ve spent a great deal of that time asleep. I don’t know what it is (reverse jet lag?), but I’ve been totally wiped out! Of course, I’ve had many good meals, watched a few movies, and caught up with The Boy’s family — all of which has been wonderful. I’m just so happy to be here and be taking it easy and really using this vacation time as vacation time. When I first visited NorCal I honestly thought I would hate it. It was so foreign to me and I thought it would be super rainy and cloudy and flaky. But, I was proved wrong! I loveeee this area and could definitely see myself here sometime in the near/far future. Everyone is so active and friendly and there’s not a snow flake in the sky!! This weekend I will be catching up with some other friends from school, bop around the city, and (of course) just keep relaxing away! What are your weekend plans??


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