about time


Recently I went to see About Time starring Irish actor, Domhnall Gleeson, and our favorite Canadian actress, Rachel McAdams. I really wanted to see the movie earlier, but The Boy insisted that we see other films in theater first (see here and here). Honestly, I was expecting the story to be a bit of a disappointment (as many romantic movies with great potential tend to be…), but I was overwhelmingly surprised! The movie is about a boy who learns at the ripe age of 21 that all of the men in his family can time travel. He spends the rest of the 2+ hours of the film trying to fix the mistakes of his friends and family throughout their lives, learning a great deal about love and loss in the process. I won’t spoil the ending, but suffice it to say the audience walks away with a unique perspective on their own lives and (what I believe to be) an achievable mission to attain happiness in our “extraordinary, ordinary” lives. If you haven’t seen About Time yet — GET TO IT! (Warning: my sister, who didn’t even cry watching The Notebook balled her eyes out during this movie. The Boy? Quote: “If it was socially acceptable, I would be sobbing right now.” Bring some tissues!)




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