wish list: lululemon

While my personal Christmas wish list was primarily items from Lululemon (see here), I think it is important that I do a separate Lululemon Christmas Wish List (like I have done for other beautiful brands here and here. Oh, and I’ve wish-list-ed Lulu before here…) to highlight their magnificent items. If you’re wondering what’s lovely from Lulu lately, here you go:

Base Runner 1:2 Zip

Base Runner 1/2 Zip — $98

(I just treated myself to this baby last week. Worth.Every.Penny. I’m so serious — I am going to live in this top this winter.)

Run- Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve  — $68

(My sister bought this for herself during Black Friday. Not fair! I have been lusting over this top for months!)

Boogie Short

Boogie Short — $42

(I get really hot during yoga so I think these shorties would actually be perfect for my practice. Also, bare legs make tree poses SO much easier…)

Sweat Once a Day Bag

Sweat Once a Day Bag — $128

(This bag definitely isn’t cheap, but it is so beautiful! I can just see myself toting it through New York City after work on my way to the yoga studio. Sigh!)

Knit Happens Leg Warmers

Knit Happens Leg Warmers — $58

(My mom is going to make so much fun of me for this, but I think these things look fantastic. Especially with the cold weather upon us, don’t extra layers on your legs sound perfect??)

What do you have on your wish list for Lululemon right now?


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