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With exactly two weeks left until Valentine’s Day it’s time to start thinking about a girl’s favorite thing: gifts! I’m sure you’ve seen Dogeared before, but ever since I went on a Nordstrom online window shopping binge (it’s a thing) the adorably chic line of jewelry has shot straight up to the top of my lust list. These necklaces and earrings would look great solo or layered with other gifts from your sweetheart!

it's the little things

“It’s the Little Things” Heart Stud Earrings – $40

every great thing

“Every Great Thing” Heart Pendant Necklace – $62

What are you hoping to get from your hubby this V-Day?


movie mania

The Boy and I really love going to the movies. It’s our “thing,” you could say. But, seeing as we go so often, we chip away at the top movie charts pretty rapidly. Then we get into this strange situation where we want to go to the movies, but don’t know what we even want to see, so we kind of just end up seeing whatever works time-wise. However, recently a lot of our “sure, why not?” movies have worked out pretty well! Here are the deets:


The Wolf of Wall Street — Now, this one was always on my must-see list (Hello, I’ll be working on Wall Street post grad!). I went in expecting it to be uber raunchy (the initial reviews I read about the film were not child-friendly, to say the least), but I was pleasantly surprised by the plot and definitely happy to spend over two hours watching pure ridiculousness. I wouldn’t recommend seeing it with your parents and I also wouldn’t refer to it during your finance internship as legitimate insight into the world of equities (at least these post-crisis days), but it’s a film worth seeing if you find yourself at the theater.


Lone Survivor — The Boy’s pick, clearly. The previews for this film really got my hopes up for the movie; depicting American soldiers caught in a moral dilemma of whether or not to release random Afghanis that cross their path while on a mission to capture a brutal al Qaeda leader, the preview promises a realistic film about the unspoken trials and tribulations of serving our country. However, after a brief conversation on morality and strategy, the film turns into two straight hours of men falling/rolling/being shot down a mountain. A lot of blood. A lot of pain. Not much talking. Everyone looks the same. The film wasn’t my jam, per se, and I definitely wouldn’t watch it expecting to feel happy-go-lucky at the end (a ten-minute closing reel of the actual men who died in the mission that the film was based on will pretty much break your heart). But overall it was a pretty good movie.


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit — This one was the surprising find of the lot. With a Bond-esque plot and a story line that includes Moscow, currency trading, and a romance, the movie was right up my alley. I was pleasantly surprised by the film and enjoyed an afternoon of popcorn and undercover CIA operations. If you’re looking for an action film with a story line that goes beyond gun fights and rolling cars and are craving something Bond-like, Jack Ryan is your perfect option.

Have you seen any good movies recently?

let’s get real


Let’s chat about the new AerieAerieREAL” campaign: the sister lingerie brand to American Eagle has pledged to not photoshop any of its models in its advertisements. Granted, the girls are still gorgeous and definitely “model material,” but it is refreshing to see pictures of girls with a little bit of belly chub and some under arm fat instead of some half-manequin half-starved thing in the windows of late-teen and early-twenties clothing stores. In a world that’s ever-individualized and image-obsessed, it is important to have realistic expectations and maintain an attitude of honesty and positivity. I really hope that this movement is rewarded with increased sales for the brand and I really, really hope that the trend can pervade the fashion industry. With less than a month left to Valentines Day, let’s focus on loving ourselves and — the best way to find the beauty in ourselves — finding the beauty in others!

TED Talks: Lizzie Velasquez

Earlier this week I was thick in an afternoon of homework when The Boy said to me, “Hey, check this out!” Next thing I knew I was putting my textbooks aside to watch a TED Talk by a woman named Lizzie Velasquez. Lizzie has a disorder that makes it impossible for her to put on any weight. It sounds great until she describes the myriad ways she was bullied growing up and the struggles of constantly being sick and still facing haters today. Nevertheless, she has harnessed some of the negatively that has come her way to live out her dreams of becoming a motivational speaker. And — wow! — did her speech motivate! Lizzie begs the question of “how do you define yourself?” and her words are truly inspirational. This is a must-watch for anyone who strives to be a conscious, positive human being!

homemade quinoa granola

i tried molding my bars into a cupcake pan for a no-cutting solution

i tried molding my bars into a cupcake pan for a no-cutting solution

Last week before my skiing adventures (see here and here) I wanted to make some kind of health easy-to-pack snack to bring with me to keep myself (and my friends!) energized while on the slopes. I found the answer on one of my favorite food blogs, How Sweet It Is, with Jessica’s No-Bake Brown Butter Quinoa Bar recipe. The recipe was fantastically easy to follow and so, so, so delicious! Although my “bars” didn’t really stay “bars” and turned into more of a loose granola, I will definitely be making this one again! I encourage you to give it a go!

ski city


This weekend my ski trip to Okemo was a major success! I spent almost the entire day skiing and really felt myself making a lot of progress. The conditions were definitely not ideal for a beginner skier (read: brutal sheets of ice down hill into trenches of fluffy, killer powder), but I only fell a handful of times and always got back up! Learning anything new is always a challenge, but I really enjoy putting my mind to something and then achieving it. Learning how to ski is the perfect challenge for me this winter; I love being active and any reason to love a cold, previously miserable season sounds good to me! I’m looking forward to some more Thursday and Saturday trips this week. See you on the slopes!

ok okemo


Tomorrow I will be going to Okemo with my school’s Skiing and Snowboarding club. I am so excited! I am quite the skiing novice (My first time was about a month ago in California… my second was last night at Jiminy Peak…), but I am thrilled at the idea of utilizing every opportunity I can to improve my skills. I think the thing that I like most about skiing is that it can be a life-long skill and hobby. Definitely expect to hear more about this upcoming adventure and maybe a video or two!


How do you appreciate the snow this time of year?