5 things to try this week (2)

I’ve done a “5 things to try this week” post before (here), but I love the idea so much that I figured I’d have a go at it again. It’s easy to make weekends great, but sometimes just that fact that the week is the week can make it quasi-miserable. Don’t let that happen! Here are 5 things to try this week:

1. Make kale chips


My best friend from college is a bit of an epicurean and is always testing out new (and incredible!) recipes. When she visited me at school in the fall she brought some home-made kale chips and I’ve been dreaming about them ever since. This recipe seems to be easy enough!

2. Work out


I’ve been doing some of the video work-outs from Karena and Katrina’s ToneItUp.com and I absolutely love the routines. They are super fun, but they also make you work up a good sweat! Plus, the girls have a new show on Bravo, so after you’ve burned some cals you can burn some time in front of the TV!

3. Call a relative


It’s too easy sometimes to let life get in the way and the next thing you know every holiday with the extended family becomes more of a catching-up time than a time for celebration. Give one of your relatives a call this week just to chat. You’ll be surprised how surprised they’ll be!

4. Organize


A lot of college students are either headed back to school soon or already back at school. Set aside at least one hour this week to get organized. Whether this is color-coding your notebooks, cleaning out the top drawer of you desk, updating a studying application on your phone, or organizing your email inbox (see my tips here!), this is one “unproductive” hour that will increase the productivity of all your other hours!

5. Send me a note!


I’d love to hear your comments/questions/suggestions regarding TheGarnetLetter! Send me a letter here:


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