how to clean your makeup brushes


I would never consider myself a big “makeup person,” but, that being said, I do wear a fair amount of makeup. I’m all about the Clinique bonus deals at Macy’s, which usually include my favorite mascara and (if you’re extra lucky) a few makeup brushes. I don’t think I would go out of my way to buy name-brand makeup brushes (because I’m too cheap for that and I’d rather just buy a set from Forever 21 for $4.80 that I can just throw out when the brushes get nasty), but as I’ve slowly built up a collection of nice brushes, I have made a point of taking care of them. The key to keeping your nice brushes nice (and your face blemish-free!) is to wash your brushes periodically. I use Clinique Makeup Brush Cleaner and follow these basic steps:

1. Spray the tip of your brush generously with makeup brush cleaner. 5 sprits on both sides of the bristles works nicely.

2. Work the cleaner into the bristles of the brush by rubbing it gently into the palm of your hand. Small circular motions work best. You should start to see the pigment from your eye shadow/blush/bronzer start to appear on your palm.

3. Rinse the cleaner out of the bristles by gently running the tip of the brush under warm water, continuing to work the brush in small circular motions in your palm. Make sure not to get any water past the point where the tip of the brush is connected to the handle, because this is where the brush is weakest and water could cause the two pieces to come apart.

4. Ring out any water left in the bristles by flicking the tip of the brush on the edge of the sink. (This is a trick I learned from taking many painting classes back in the day and it really works well!)

5. Finally, dry your brushes on a clean hand towel that has been rolled up on one end so that the brushes can rest with the tips pointing slightly downward so that any excess water can drip out and not get lodged deep within the bristles (where it could cause the brush to smell).

I hope these 5 easy steps to taking care of your makeup brushes helps you keep your tools in tip-top shape!


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