This past Saturday I began a very interesting personal challenge: #100HappyDays. Simply put, the challenge asks you, “Can you be happy for 100 days in a row?” And with exactly 100 days left until I graduate college (don’t even get me started…) I decided that I want to take extra care to appreciate each and every moment and really make the most out of these next three months.

The challenge is simple enough: for 100 days in a row you are supposed to share something that makes you happy on some kind of social media platform. I’ve decided to go with Instagram because I definitely think a picture is worth a thousand words (#100,000HappyWords, anyone?). The challenge says that after 100 days of recognizing all of the wonderful things around you, people are often in a better mood, receive more compliments from other people, realize how lucky they are to have the life they have, become more optimistic, and even fall in love!

The craziest part? Most people say they won’t do the challenge because they’re “too busy.” Too busy for happiness?! Not me, and certainly not you! Sign up for the challenge with me here and follow my progress on Instagram!


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