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so many sisters

so many sisters

Tomorrow is the day so many Dutchwomen have been looking forward to all week: bid day. Sophomore and Junior girls at Union have been tirelessly girl-flirting at at each of Union’s three sisterly sororities, Delta Delta Delta, Sigma Delta Tau, and Gamma Phi Beta, every night this week, trying their best to impress and be impressed and ultimately decide if going Greek is the right move for them. I went through the rush process last fall, but in the end decided that joining a sorority on campus wasn’t for me. However, I have a bunch of friends who pledged and absolutely love it! Greek life at Union is full of awesome people and awesome opportunities and is part of the reason we’re known for our sick-tastic parties. Good luck rushies! All my best!



friends exploring the great greenmarket!

Yesterday my friends and I went on a delicious Schenectadian adventure; we explored the Schenectady Greenmarket then lunched at the 37th Annual Greek Festival hosted by St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church in downtown Schenectady. Both events were located around the Schenectady City Hall (a super easy walk from the South-West corner of campus) and just so much fun! The Schenectady Greenmarket takes place every Sunday from 10am to 2pm and offers goodies ranging from lovely lavender lemonade to beautiful beeswax candles. The Greek Fest was a 3-day event, but I so wish it happened more often than just once a year! Between the fabulous food, dazzling dancing, and friendly faces, the event certainly highlighted some of the awesome aspects of Schenectady!

gorgeous girlies enjoying the greek fest!

the schenectady greenmarket located in downtown schenectady near city hall

always in a rush

our guide to recruitment 2011

Coming from a Catholic college where Greek life isn’t allowed, I had no idea what to expect from the infamous adventure known as “Sorority Recruitment 2011.” Girls told me to prepare for some major “girl flirting” and my friends jokingly commented that it was like going on a date, except that the person across the table would know exactly what you went through for the past two hours preparing, versus a typical boy remarking, “Did you do something with your hair?” While I am still trying to figure the whole thing out, I am definitely drawn to the type of sisterhood and amount of support that all three Union College sororities seem to offer.

smelling nice is a must!

so many options... and yet optionless