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merry merry

merry merry

last minute stocking stuffers

last minute stocking stuffers
It’s two days before Christmas — no, worse — it’s Christmas Eve and your stockings are still not stuffed. Without some elvish magic, what are you supposed to do? Do not fear! Simply pick up one (or more) of these super easy, last minute stocking stuffers:
5. Gum 
(for more stocking stuffer ideas, check here!)

print worth celebrating


I follow a lot of blogs, but one of the most colorful ones (literally) is the Lilly Pulitzer blog. A lot of the posts revolve around store openings here or there or travel guides to magnificent warm places (sigh…), but my favorite regular features on The Juice Stand are the “Print Worth Celebrating” posts. They’re so bright and beautiful and feature what Lilly is known for best: her prints! I have a thing about color… I love buying magazines not really for the stories, but for all of the wonderful colors (it must be related to the same part of my brain that enjoys reading blogs…). Colors elicit an emotional response from me; something is either “happy,” “colorful,” and “bright” or “sad,” dark,” and “dismal.” This time of year in particular I am super sensitive to colors and all the emotions that come with them. That’s why I love to set my computer desktop background to these delicious Lilly prints. They’re spunky and creative and help me stay cheerful when I’m doing work and the sun is setting at 5pm.




I love the new M.I.A. album, “Matangi.” I’m a huge “Bad Girls” fan, so when her newest album was released early last week, I was very excited. Granted, some of the songs are a little… bizarre… but I kind of like that when it comes to music. Music is art and I can appreciate everything from a Sibelius violin concerto to trap. Why not be a little weird? As long as your music has some kind of talent/creativity behind it, it’s fine by me! So while I might not understand anything that M.I.A. has written on her website, I will definitely be adding some of her newest songs to my go-to Spotify playlists. My favorites include:

1. Bad Girls

2. Double Bubble Trouble

3. Y.A.L.A

4. Bring the Noize

What are your favorite new M.I.A. songs?

5 things to try this week


Ok, so this post is based off of my favorite Glitter Guide‘s “5 Things To Try This Weekend,” but I wanted to make a list for the work week since weekends are always great and sometimes it takes just a little bit of extra inspiration to make the work week palatable…


1. Read a book for fun – recently I have been hunting for some good book suggestions (see here), but it never hurts to re-read those tried and true novels (see my favs here).


2. Try a new recipe – I have a few of my own here and here, but I’ve been dying to try this and this and always love anything from here!


3. Craft – Think a decorative painting (see here) or a simple collage. Personally, I would love to get back to some jewelry making…


4. Write a letter to a friend – everyone loves snail mail, especially since it is rapidly becoming extinct. Whip out that adorable stationary you have hidden and get to writing!


5. Sleep more – But actually. Sleep is always a good idea.


Happy Monday, everyone! What are y’all hoping to do this week??

play a good book

play a good book
Ok, now you can tell me if this is too old lady of me, but I have seriously been considering buying some books on tape. I know. Who am I?! But recently I received a number of iTunes gift cards and I don’t really want to spend them on music (I’d rather use Pandora or Spotify) and my phone already has enough apps (see here). My sister got on a books-on-tape kick a few summers ago when she was commuting to work and  really enjoyed the interesting entertainment. I drive a fair amount and it might be nice to switch up my playlist to something other than “Today’s Top Hits.” Should I go for it?? I’m still mulling over the idea, but I’m starting to find it more and more attractive…
(p.s. yeah, as if that were my car! for more insight, see here and here and here...)

sleeping beauty

Last week I went to see the very pristine performance of Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty at Proctors Theater in Downtown Schenectady. I am a very big fan of Proctors and any chance I have to attend a performance at the gorgeous theater I put in every effort to make it work.

I saw the ballet with an advanced Russian Literature class from my college. We were interested in hearing the wonderful work of Tchaikovsky and seeing Bourne’s Gothic interpretation of the classic story was an added bonus. Most people are familiar with either the Disney classic (actually, Aurora is my favorite Disney princess!) or the dark Grimm version, but Bourne did an excellent job of staying true to the traditional story line while adding modern twists of excitement.

Here’s a little video of how I got ready for my evening out and about!