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buy krass & co


I have some very exciting news to share! On Monday 6/9 Krass & Co.’s limited edition shorts made with Francesca Joy will be available to purchase at noon. They are so cute and probably the comfiest things you will ever wear. Make sure to visit the site here at noon on Monday and use the code “Usave” at check-out for 20% off!!


Read more about these incredible shorts here, here, here, and here!


ok okemo


Tomorrow I will be going to Okemo with my school’s Skiing and Snowboarding club. I am so excited! I am quite the skiing novice (My first time was about a month ago in California… my second was last night at Jiminy Peak…), but I am thrilled at the idea of utilizing every opportunity I can to improve my skills. I think the thing that I like most about skiing is that it can be a life-long skill and hobby. Definitely expect to hear more about this upcoming adventure and maybe a video or two!


How do you appreciate the snow this time of year?

krass & co.




I have the most exciting news: I recently became a Brand Rep for Krass & Co! Krass & Co. is an exciting new brand at the forefront of preppy athletic wear. Think Cape Cod, think Martha’s Vineyard, think Nantucket. Think frat, think prep school, think college.


I first came across Krass & Co. during my own blog reading (besides being an avid blog writer, I am a very passionate blog reader!) and I absolutely fell in love with their shorts.  The fit is phenomenal, the details are to-die-for, and the prints are prep-tastic! They make stuff for girls and guys alike and the prices are totally affordable. The best news? You can now save 20% by using the code “Usave” at checkout! So go ahead, treat yourself to a pair of the best sports shorts you’ll ever own! (And tell your friends, too!)


Save 20% with “Usave” code @ krassandco.com