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thesis, check!

thesis, check!

Today I completed my senior thesis. It was seven months of long, hard work, but it is finally done! Finished! Kaput! Done-zo! OVER! I honestly had a really wonderful time working on my thesis (my advisor was absolutely awesome and I really loved the project that I was doing), but it is nice to finally put an end to that chapter… literally! This weekend I’m looking forward to relaxing with friends, reading for fun, catching up on Netflix, treating myself to some boba (of course!), and maybe spendingatonofmoneycauseishouldtreatmyself?!? No, I will show some restraint, but I am definitely, definitely looking forward to becoming a total senioritis-stricken vegetable this spring!!

Who else can check their senior thesis off of their life-long to-do list

(and is celebrating this weekend)?




I’ve shared with you before about Boba tea here, but a few months ago when I was in Southern California I had SoCal bubble tea for the first time since March and it was heaven. Nowhere else can you find such a wide selection of flavors, so many fresh ingredients, so many ways to taylor your drink to the exact way you want it, or (best of all) the most amazing, soft, warm, perfect tapioca balls in the entire nation. Bubble tea in the Northeast is to bubble tea in L.A. as a cruddy pot of old coffee at a ho-hum car repair shop is to a hand made cappuccino with soy milk and brown sugar at a local cafe with live musicians — it’s just not even on the same level. I wish my sister could ship the stuff to me instantaneously on the East Coast… here’s to dreaming!


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bubble tea


The first time I tasted bubble tea I had to spit it up into a garbage can. The Taiwanese tea-based drink is also known as “pearl milk tea” or “boba milk tea” and usually contains some mixture of ice, tea, milk, flavoring, and tapioca balls. The tapioca balls or “pearls” (or, most endearingly, “boba”) are what will really get you the first time, but now I love them! The perfect tapioca balls sit at the bottom of your bubble tea, a little warm, soft and chewy on the outside, and a little dense at the core. I like to describe them to boba new-bees as gummy-bear-like treats. The only place to get good bubble tea around here is from Yo. D.serT in Crossgates Mall, but it can in no way compare to the bubble tea you can get in L.A. (see the obsession here and here); SoCal bubble tea is incredible and I can’t wait to visit my sister and indulge. YUM!

summer so far

hey there, pretty city!

hey there, pretty city!

Wow! What a summer so far! Today marks exactly one month since I arrived in New York, but, honestly, it’s felt like one day. It’s so good to be reunited with my sister for the summer and to be spending our time in a city that we love with the people we love. I think the time has flown by because I literally have been going non-stop since May: I spent my first week of work studying for finals and finishing up classes, went back upstate that first weekend to take exams, went back upstate again the next weekend to see my best friend in the entire world graduate, I work about 14 hour every day (yes, fourteen), and still make a point of doing awesome things on the weekend like bike riding though the park, visiting friends in Westchester, and (of course) shopping. The summer has been crazy so far, but I wouldn’t have it any other way — and good thing! Because it looks like my next few weeks will be filled with more fun at work, family visits, friend visits, and trips to Long Island, Brooklyn, and (hopefully) the Hamptons. I’ll do my best to keep you all updated along the way, but in the mean time, CHEERS!

congratulations again, A!

congratulations again, A!

hehehe (that's my twin! she loves bubble tea!)

hehehe (that’s my twin! she loves bubble tea!)