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dear julia


Dear Julia,

Happy graduation! I am so unbelievably proud of you for surviving four full years at Caltech and graduating with an impressive degree in physics. From the first time I met you there during spring break of our freshman year I knew you were going to have an entirely unique experience. We went to a Jurassic Park themed party where the students had constructed a life-size model of a t-rex. This was not your typical “college” experience, but you would make it your own in time. You brought so much more to the school than just your intellect; you brought your amazing personality and an ability to light up a room like no one else.

You’ve gone through so many tough times during the last four years and there have been too many times that I have wanted to fly out to save you. That being said,  there have also been countless good times. You’ve made so many great friends, learned soooo much, and definitely left your unique Juju mark on the school.

I am so excited to be able to begin the next chapter of our lives together. You are going to make the most amazing teacher for Teach for America and we are going to absolutely kill it in the city. I am so incredibly lucky to have you as my twin. You are my rock and my best friend.

Own that stage today, Juju. Be thankful for the chapter you’ve just completed and look forward to your future with a bright smile.

Yours forever,






destination graduation


Today I fly out to Cali with my family for my twin sister‘s graduation. It’s super weird because she’s two minutes younger than me and yet she’ll be a college graduate before I am. I guess she deserves it though, after slaving away at Caltech for four years. Our next few days should look a little like this:

Wednesday 6/11 — Leave Albany at 6am (agggggggg!) headed for Southern California

Thursday 6/12 — Turn 22 and celebrate at Disneyland

Friday 6/13 — Watch my little sister (:P) graduate from college

Saturday 6/14 — Fly back to New York

Sunday 6/15 — Pray we make it back in time for my graduation!

Will it be a little cuckoo? Of course. But I am so glad that I am making this trip with my awesome family. We always have a fantastic time, no matter what in the world we are doing, and I think this whirl-wind adventure will be one for the books!

my week in photos

I can’t believe I’ve been in Cali for nearly two weeks now! Where has the time gone?! Here’s a little photo montage to give you a better picture (hehehe) of what my past week has looked like:


The Boy and I went to Muir Woods to check out the giant red wood trees. It was absolutely incredible and I wish we had had more time to explore the park!


I treated myself to a new Lululemon top (see here). Words can’t even begin to  describe the attention to detail or how much I love it.


We ventured into the city to visit a friend from Union who was in town for a geology conference. We really only drove through, but I am looking forward to exploring more next week with my sister.


Got a beautiful shot of the Golden Gate from a great look-out to the north.


The Boy and I are taking full advantage of Union extensive winter break (read: 6 weeks what whatttt) and reconnecting with our childhood roots. I was creating a house out of Legos when the cat stepped in and decided to add his own touches.


On Wednesday we drove 6 and a half hours down the state of California to visit my sister at Caltech! Here she is with the beautiful boys.


I had the most incredible Waffle Chicken Salad for lunch at Caltech‘s faculty club, The Athenaeum — “a buckwheat waffle made with pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries, topped with frisee, apple, crispy chicken, goat cheese and maple vinaigrette” — that’s one equation that equals YUM.


The Boy enjoyed exploring the Caltech campus and seeing all of the neat scientific displays, including this artwork representing 4D space.

IMG_0139Julia took a glamour pose near J. J. Thompson’s original cathode ray tube — BIG DEAL!


20 days in cali-town

my first trip to california was marked by the glorious reunion with my twin sister

my first trip to california was marked by the glorious reunion with my twin sister

the next trip included a beach adventure

the next trip included a beach adventure

Last week I booked a 20 day trip to California for my winter break. I know it sounds indulgent, but I figure that come graduation and (*gulp*) real life, I might not have an opportunity to do something like this again. I’ve been trying to make a point of visiting all of my friends before we graduate (like this little trip a few weekends ago), so of course my California agenda includes visiting my twin sister at Caltech. I have visited my sister in Pasadena every year since we split up for college. It’s terrible being so far away from her, but having an excuse to go to SoCal isn’t so bad! Probably the most frightening part of this fifth visit is that the next time I am there will most likely be for her graduation… eek! In addition to any L.A. adventures, I will also be heading up the California coast to hang out with The Boy in the San Francisco Bay area. I visited this summer (see here) and absolutely fell in love with the place. The most exciting part is that my twin will be joining us this time! We will explore the city, hopefully hike the Red Woods, maybe bike the bridge, and (wait for it) learn to ski in Tahoe! I am so excited for this trip. Only a few weeks to go!

during my third trip, we went to disneyland

during my third trip, we went to disneyland

and during my fourth trip (this time to nor-cal) i learned to sail!

and during my fourth trip (this time to nor-cal) i learned to sail!


missing me some twin

Julia, my beautiful twin!

Julia, my beautiful twin!

Well, we’re back at the U! But as many of you faithful followers might already know, I visited my twin sister over our Spring Break. While I absolutely adore Union and am always happy to return to campus, coming back has been particularly difficult for me these past few days. In short: I miss my twin! Sometimes I get so swept up with homework and work work that I forget how much I miss her. We do a fine job of keeping in touch — texting, skyping, emailing, tweeting — but being 3000 miles apart and having a 3 hour time difference between us is really tough and nothing can compare to being in person and rocking our constant “twin monologue” as we like to call it. I know she’s at the right place for her and I know that I’ve grown so much as an individual being on my own, but being apart after 18 years of always being together was not easy my freshman year of college and it’s still not easy — even after three years of practice! I am fortunate to have an amazing support system and even more amazing friends, but how is a Cat supposed to survive when her other half is a country away?

she greeted me at the airport with flowers and a balloon bunny named Larry

she greeted me at the airport with flowers and a balloon bunny named Larry

she's loves science

she’s loves science and isn’t afraid to share it

she always expected the inside of cacti to be hollow

she always expected the inside of cacti to be hollow, but a trip to the botanical gardens proved her wrong (and me right!)

she's the biggest goof-ball i know

she’s the biggest goof-ball i know and does a mean steamboat willie impression


she’s my better half!

bon voyage!

me and my twin the first time I visited her in Cali back in 2011!

me and my twin the first time I visited her in Cali back in 2011!

Tomorrow I fly to California to visit my twin sister, Julia! I am so super duper excited to see her, you have no idea. Between searching for internships (not so promising, very promising!!!), killing myself with clubs (Russian, Russian, more Russian, more Russian, Culinary, more Culinary, Catholic Student Association, Colleges Against Cancer, more CACU for Israel), killing myself with classes (not enough hours in the day, stress & lack of sleep, ), traveling all over the place (NY, NY again, DC), getting sick, lots of snow, lots of ups and lots of down down downs, this term has been a killer one. But somehow we made it!! While I am doubtful that a single week will be long enough to fully recover from these last 10, I already know how I want to spend my 168 precious hours of vacation:

– snuggling with my twin

– basking in the beautiful California sun

– running outside

reading books for fun

making collages

– watching reruns of the Bachelor

– sleeping

– practicing my Russian

– shopping!

– getting my nails done

– getting a tan

– watching the latest season of Suits

– exploring Pasadena

– eating nice meals

going to Disneyland

– getting a massage

– watching all past Mad Men episodes

– catching up with my twinny

– NOT thinking about school or work!!


While I am typically disinclined to put blogging on hold for a week (because I genuinely love it with all of my heart), I know my mother would yell at me if I didn’t do everything in my power to not do anything this week and truly take it as a vacation. So, although I won’t be posting anything during the next week, you can still follow me on Twitter or Instagram or Pinterest if you have separation anxiety! Please have the best vacation, beautiful blog-lovers, and keep me updated on all of your spring break plans! XOXO