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destination graduation


Today I fly out to Cali with my family for my twin sister‘s graduation. It’s super weird because she’s two minutes younger than me and yet she’ll be a college graduate before I am. I guess she deserves it though, after slaving away at Caltech for four years. Our next few days should look a little like this:

Wednesday 6/11 — Leave Albany at 6am (agggggggg!) headed for Southern California

Thursday 6/12 — Turn 22 and celebrate at Disneyland

Friday 6/13 — Watch my little sister (:P) graduate from college

Saturday 6/14 — Fly back to New York

Sunday 6/15 — Pray we make it back in time for my graduation!

Will it be a little cuckoo? Of course. But I am so glad that I am making this trip with my awesome family. We always have a fantastic time, no matter what in the world we are doing, and I think this whirl-wind adventure will be one for the books!




I’ve shared with you before about Boba tea here, but a few months ago when I was in Southern California I had SoCal bubble tea for the first time since March and it was heaven. Nowhere else can you find such a wide selection of flavors, so many fresh ingredients, so many ways to taylor your drink to the exact way you want it, or (best of all) the most amazing, soft, warm, perfect tapioca balls in the entire nation. Bubble tea in the Northeast is to bubble tea in L.A. as a cruddy pot of old coffee at a ho-hum car repair shop is to a hand made cappuccino with soy milk and brown sugar at a local cafe with live musicians — it’s just not even on the same level. I wish my sister could ship the stuff to me instantaneously on the East Coast… here’s to dreaming!


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ok okemo


Tomorrow I will be going to Okemo with my school’s Skiing and Snowboarding club. I am so excited! I am quite the skiing novice (My first time was about a month ago in California… my second was last night at Jiminy Peak…), but I am thrilled at the idea of utilizing every opportunity I can to improve my skills. I think the thing that I like most about skiing is that it can be a life-long skill and hobby. Definitely expect to hear more about this upcoming adventure and maybe a video or two!


How do you appreciate the snow this time of year?

patterns in paradise


When I visited my sister at Caltech the other week, I got to take a gander at her balcony attached to her lovely dorm room. Can you even imagine going to a school where such a thing exists? (My answer: Um, no.) I took the opportunity in the sun to snap a few pics of my fun and colorful outfit. Certainly not the best look for anyone in the Northeast right now, but perhaps as a vacation ensemble??





dress | cardigan | shoes | sunglasses | watch | bracelets | necklace

not even a mouse


As I arrived back home just yesterday from my crazy California adventure (see here, here and here) I unfortunately missed a lot of my family’s usual holiday preparations. However, we have plenty of traditions (see here) that I got back  just in time for! I can’t wait to go to my cousins’ house for a delicious Christmas Eve meal, look for the North Star at night, wake up early to open presents, make a delicious breakfast of bagels and lox, comb through our stocking surprises, and spend the rest of the day catching up with relatives old and young. Merry Christmas Eve, followers!


anther wonderful week


Really, where is the time going?! I’ve been in Cali for 17 days now and it honestly feels like I just arrived. I thought my second week couldn’t beat my first, but low and behold it did! Here are some photos from yet another wonderful week:


When I dined at Caltech‘s Athenaeum, the whole place was decked out for the holidays. They had a beyond magnificent tree in the foyer, but my favorite decoration by far was this ginger bread replication of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. I mean, can we please talk about this?!


Classic Julia rocking something, anything Hello Kitty. I’m surprised she doesn’t already own every item available in this Hello Kitty store right around the corner from Caltech.


On Monday, JuliaThe Boy, and I went sailing on the Bay. It was Julia’s first time sailing (stay tuned for a blog post exclusively on that) and we were able to pass under the Golden Gate Bridge just at sunset (another post on that later…). There are no words to describe the views we saw. None.


Only in Cali can you go sailing one day and then skiing the next! On Tuesday I went on my first ever ski trip to Boreal in the Lake Tahoe area of Northern California. The Boy is literally a ski instructor so I was in good hands for the trip. I’m certainly not ready to hit jumps any time soon, but I’m not completely incompetent either, thank goodness!

muir woods

muir woods 1

Last week the boy and I explored Muir Woods in Mill Valley right outside of San Francisco. The national park is home to California’s famous red wood trees and is absolutely magical to walk through. We got there about an hour before sunset, unfortunately, but we easily could have spent a good half day walking the trails and appreciating the monumental beauty of the forest. My favorite part was that the trees actually seemed to glow red. It was such a soft, warming light and the trip was the perfect way to appreciate an afternoon in Northern California.

muir woods 2

We stumbled upon a patch of gigantic clovers — check out those babies!

muir woods 3

muir woods 4