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cuddly and cozy

consider this my weekend "desk"

consider this my weekend “desk”

Sometimes you just need a cuddly and cozy weekend in. Recently I have felt like I’m running around like a kitten with her tail cut off and I just need some hard core R&R. Save for a Russian Club event tonight and my grandmother’s birthday celebration tomorrow, I am going to do my best this weekend to just take it easy. Granted, I can never completely escape from doing school work on the weekends (unlike real life), but that doesn’t mean I can’t be productive while cuddling up with a super snuggly blanket! Does anyone else have no plans as their weekend plans?

is this not the perfect weekend-in set-up?

is this not the perfect weekend-in set-up?


this bread is bananas


The other day I made some delicious chocolate chip banana bread (if I do say so myself). And now, while I may live in the Culinary theme house on campus, I’m certainly no out-of-this-world chef like my dear friend Emmanuel of Scratch, a simple food blog for college students, but I am a mean follower of recipes (in fact, in my course this term, Culinary Chemistry, my answer to the personal bio question, “What can you cook?” was, “Anything with a recipe!”). I’ve made banana bread before on campus (remember this?) simply because it’s one of the best, college-friendly things you can make while at school. Just snag a few bananas from the dining hall, follow this recipe, and voila! A delicious dessert (or #breakfastlunchanddinner….)!

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 1 hour


– 3-4 ripe bananas, smashed

– 1/3 cup melted butter

– 1 cup sugar

– 1 egg, beaten

– 1 teaspoon vanilla

– 1 teaspoon baking soda

– pinch of salt

– 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour



Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix butter into the mashed bananas in a large bowl. Mix in the sugar, egg, and vanilla. Add baking soda and salt. Mix thoroughly. Finally, mix in the flour. Pour mixture into a buttered loaf pan. Bake for 1 hour. Cool on rack. Remove from pan and slice to serve!!


be present in life


be preset in lifeI have always had a passion for entrepreneurial pursuits; I’ve taken a few courses on the subject (both awesome and part of the reason I came to Union College), love attending entrepreneurial events, and am always so impressed by the ideas and the schedule! There are so many articles and videos and sites about entrepreneurship on the internet, but I find that I like to read the same articles over and over again and am able to find new inspiration and new interpretations with every read. One of those articles is the Wall Street Journal’s “How Entrepreneurs Come Up With Great Ideas.” I think my favorite piece of advice from the article is Angela Benton‘s (Founder and CEO of NewME Accelerator) suggestion to “be present in life.” She mentions how, “Something as simple as having a cup of coffee becomes a juggling act of replying to emails and managing schedules” (guilty!) and says that as long as we can find balance for everything in our lives — the sciences, the arts, the practical, the “impractical” — an awesome idea just might come our way! So, even if you’re not hoping to start your own business one day, but are merely looking for some thesis inspiration, be present today. You never know what might pop into your head!

cat classes

cat classes
Woohoo! Union’s fall term is finally under way and I am happy to say that I am psyched about all of my classes this term! Here is what I have on my class schedule:
Monetary Economics — We will be spending the term reviewing major macroeconomic events that have occurred throughout history, learning more about the intricacies of how the Federal Reserve handles monetary policy, and studying how the idea of “money” around the world affects real things in the economy like growth and unemployment. I am excited about this course because it is almost exactly what I did this summer. How cool is it to sit in a class and be able to say, “Oh yeah, I directly affected those markets.” Too cool!
Culinary Chemistry — I really think this course is going to be awesome. The professor seems outstanding and who can complain when the “lab” requirements entail baking and beer tasting? Not this gal. Plus, it will be neat to tie this course work into my involvement with the Culinary House on campus!
Senior Thesis — EEK! Just in case you didn’t get it: EEEEEEEEEEEEK! See, I really thought I’d walk away from this summer with a brilliant thesis idea, but that didn’t happen, so now it’s back to the drawing board! And of course I put a lot of pressure on myself, not just in a I-hope-I-nail-this-and-get-a-super-awesome-grade-on-this way, but also in a what-the-heck-am-I-doing-with-my-life-this-thesis-needs-to-be-the-most-incredible-job-securing-piece-of-writing-this-century-has-seen kind of way. Do I worry about almost everything? Neverrrrrrrr!
I hope everyone else is psyched about their classes and is pumped to be back! Anyone taking anything particularly intriguing??

a little party…

a little party

This weekend some of my best childhood friends came down from upstate to explore the city and get a little welcome in our wonderful world. We spent the weekend shopping, eating, catching up, and making the most out of mad Manhattan. I am generally a modest person, but when it comes to my friends I can’t help but to toot my own horn; I legitimately have the most amazing friends in the entire world and am so incredibly lucky to have known them for as long as I have and to continue to watch our friendships grow stronger and stronger over the years. These are people I have literally known since I was two years old and now I can invite them to my NYC apartment and go out on the town with them? Unreal. All weekend it felt like I was traveling with an army of awesomeness. It was just what I needed for my weekend R&R!




I have some very exciting news! One of my good friends at Union who has his very own food blog just got published in an online magazine! I am so proud of him! I love love love when friends blog (I kind of really like blogging… it’s a thing) and when a friend can combine that with something they’re super passionate about and get recognized?! Well, that’s just too cool. I sat down with Emanuel  of the awesome blog “Scratch” to pick his mind about all things culinary, creative, and cool:

So first off, tell us a little bit more about yourself. Where did you grow up and what are a few things that everyone should know about Emanuel Storch?
So… I was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ, grew up in the kitchen always helping my mom cook for ourselves or for the many guests that walked through our door. I started cooking dinner for my family in high school, and that’s probably when it became a real hobby of mine. After high school, I spent a year at Bar-Ilan University in Israel before coming to Union. I was on a gap year program, where we had kitchens in our dorms but no substantial meal plan. As the year began, my friends grew hungry, and I started cooking every day after class. I would take trips to the open-air market in Tel Aviv and made meals with our countertop plug-in stove and oversized toaster oven. My friends called it “Manny’s Meal Plan.”
What inspired you to begin Scratch? Where do you hope to take the blog or, better yet, where do you hope it takes you?
With my food blog Scratch, my goal is to teach college students that a college diet does not need to consist of frozen pizza or ramen noodles. Cooking can be easy and fun! I also believe that eating healthfully does not mean compromising taste. There is no reason for us to consume all these processed products served in our dining halls or sold in our grocery stores, when food can taste so much better and be so much healthier. 
During my year in Israel, I began documenting all the meals I made, and my friends told me I should make a food blog with all my photos. That really was my inspiration to start Scratch. My ultimate goal is to make a career for myself in the food industry. I think Americans are becoming a lot more health conscious and are searching for healthy alternatives to both diet products and regular processed products. I also hope to continue growing my blog and gaining a greater presence on the internet.
How excited were you to be approached by College & Cook magazine? Would you like to be involved with more magazines or other media in the future outside of just blogging?
I was extremely excited to be approached by College & Cook Magazine. I truly admire their work and attention to detail. They have a high-quality publication that I think will grow immensely in the near future. I would also love to be involved with more magazines and would love to network more with other food bloggers. 
You’re living with me in the Culinary Theme House next year — YAY! Any fantastic foodie ideas for 2013-2014?
Most of all, I am extremely excited to be living in Culinary House next year. I plan on cooking there a lot, developing more recipes, and possibly growing a mini garden in the backyard for the fall. 
Make sure to check out Emanuel’s feature in College & Cook Magazine HERE!
the blog outline amazingly simple recipes to make even things like brussel sprouts scrumptious!

scatch outlines amazingly simple recipes that make even things like brussel sprouts scrumptious! (i tried these very ones in real life — amazing!!!)

i've been meaning to try this little number myself!

i’ve been meaning to try this little number myself!

emanuel and his TWIN sister, Arianne -- THEY.ARE.TOO.CUTE!

emanuel and his TWIN sister, Arianne — THEY.ARE.TOO.CUTE!

camp union

camp union

A few weeks ago Maura wrote about how during the spring term Union becomes less of a college and more of camp. This point needs emphasizing. I swear, Union is not a real place during the spring term. Between gorgeous weather, awesome campus-wide energy, and so many incredible eventsit’s no wonder why people are absolutely obsessed with Union during the springtime! Just yesterday I was casually walking back from class when I saw a bouncy bounce set up on West Beach. I mean, during the spring term there are so many things going on that even someone very well connected and on top of all of the campus social media networks and calendar emails cannot keep up with everything! I don’t think I appreciated everything that was happening on campus last spring and I think this year I’m realizing that I just can’t wrap my head around all of the awesomeness! Union always rocks, but during the spring term? Don’t even get me started!