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destination graduation


Today I fly out to Cali with my family for my twin sister‘s graduation. It’s super weird because she’s two minutes younger than me and yet she’ll be a college graduate before I am. I guess she deserves it though, after slaving away at Caltech for four years. Our next few days should look a little like this:

Wednesday 6/11 — Leave Albany at 6am (agggggggg!) headed for Southern California

Thursday 6/12 — Turn 22 and celebrate at Disneyland

Friday 6/13 — Watch my little sister (:P) graduate from college

Saturday 6/14 — Fly back to New York

Sunday 6/15 — Pray we make it back in time for my graduation!

Will it be a little cuckoo? Of course. But I am so glad that I am making this trip with my awesome family. We always have a fantastic time, no matter what in the world we are doing, and I think this whirl-wind adventure will be one for the books!


sleeping beauty

Last week I went to see the very pristine performance of Matthew Bourne’s Sleeping Beauty at Proctors Theater in Downtown Schenectady. I am a very big fan of Proctors and any chance I have to attend a performance at the gorgeous theater I put in every effort to make it work.

I saw the ballet with an advanced Russian Literature class from my college. We were interested in hearing the wonderful work of Tchaikovsky and seeing Bourne’s Gothic interpretation of the classic story was an added bonus. Most people are familiar with either the Disney classic (actually, Aurora is my favorite Disney princess!) or the dark Grimm version, but Bourne did an excellent job of staying true to the traditional story line while adding modern twists of excitement.

Here’s a little video of how I got ready for my evening out and about!

missing me some twin

Julia, my beautiful twin!

Julia, my beautiful twin!

Well, we’re back at the U! But as many of you faithful followers might already know, I visited my twin sister over our Spring Break. While I absolutely adore Union and am always happy to return to campus, coming back has been particularly difficult for me these past few days. In short: I miss my twin! Sometimes I get so swept up with homework and work work that I forget how much I miss her. We do a fine job of keeping in touch — texting, skyping, emailing, tweeting — but being 3000 miles apart and having a 3 hour time difference between us is really tough and nothing can compare to being in person and rocking our constant “twin monologue” as we like to call it. I know she’s at the right place for her and I know that I’ve grown so much as an individual being on my own, but being apart after 18 years of always being together was not easy my freshman year of college and it’s still not easy — even after three years of practice! I am fortunate to have an amazing support system and even more amazing friends, but how is a Cat supposed to survive when her other half is a country away?

she greeted me at the airport with flowers and a balloon bunny named Larry

she greeted me at the airport with flowers and a balloon bunny named Larry

she's loves science

she’s loves science and isn’t afraid to share it

she always expected the inside of cacti to be hollow

she always expected the inside of cacti to be hollow, but a trip to the botanical gardens proved her wrong (and me right!)

she's the biggest goof-ball i know

she’s the biggest goof-ball i know and does a mean steamboat willie impression


she’s my better half!