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7 weeks and counting

the road to graduation...

the road to graduation…

Yesterday I went home for Easter and it was just such a lovely day. I spent the morning at church followed by an awesome afternoon of food, family, and fun. The day was filled with too many great things to list them all (traditions, catching-up, chocolate… just to name a few!), but probably the thing that struck me the most was something my grandmother said to me as I was saying my farewells. She said, “Good luck, Catherine! I’ll see you at graduation!” And it hit me just like that: the next time I will see most of my relatives will be at my college graduation. I just can’t believe it. I feel like I see my relatives pretty often, so to think that the next time we will all be together will be at my graduation means that it is right around the corner. I can’t handle that! I have seven weeks left of school, but I know they are going to feel like seven minutes. How do you slow down the clock??


Happy Easter!


missing me some twin

Julia, my beautiful twin!

Julia, my beautiful twin!

Well, we’re back at the U! But as many of you faithful followers might already know, I visited my twin sister over our Spring Break. While I absolutely adore Union and am always happy to return to campus, coming back has been particularly difficult for me these past few days. In short: I miss my twin! Sometimes I get so swept up with homework and work work that I forget how much I miss her. We do a fine job of keeping in touch — texting, skyping, emailing, tweeting — but being 3000 miles apart and having a 3 hour time difference between us is really tough and nothing can compare to being in person and rocking our constant “twin monologue” as we like to call it. I know she’s at the right place for her and I know that I’ve grown so much as an individual being on my own, but being apart after 18 years of always being together was not easy my freshman year of college and it’s still not easy — even after three years of practice! I am fortunate to have an amazing support system and even more amazing friends, but how is a Cat supposed to survive when her other half is a country away?

she greeted me at the airport with flowers and a balloon bunny named Larry

she greeted me at the airport with flowers and a balloon bunny named Larry

she's loves science

she’s loves science and isn’t afraid to share it

she always expected the inside of cacti to be hollow

she always expected the inside of cacti to be hollow, but a trip to the botanical gardens proved her wrong (and me right!)

she's the biggest goof-ball i know

she’s the biggest goof-ball i know and does a mean steamboat willie impression


she’s my better half!