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buy krass & co


I have some very exciting news to share! On Monday 6/9 Krass & Co.’s limited edition shorts made with Francesca Joy will be available to purchase at noon. They are so cute and probably the comfiest things you will ever wear. Make sure to visit the site here at noon on Monday and use the code “Usave” at check-out for 20% off!!


Read more about these incredible shorts here, here, here, and here!


new shorts


The other day I received two new paris of Krass & Co. shorts in the mail. I got Beachcomber in navy and Wildflower in white. I already loved the few pairs I had, but these take it to a whole new level. They are absolutely perfect. The navy pair makes me feel oh-so-fit while the white pair makes my legs look sooo tan! There is nothing better than the feeling of working out, and there is no better way to work out than while looking great! Krass & Co’s new line of shorts are to-die-for and you should treat yourself to a pair right away 😉 Perfect for easy jogs, quick runs, and cat walks!


And don’t forget to use the code “Usave” at checkout to received 20% off!!

winter fitness

winter fitness
Winter is arguably the most difficult time of year to stay fit; outdoor activities are out of the question (at least for anyone as perpetually frozen as me) and the lack of sunlight lends itself better to days spent cuddled up in bed instead of breaking out a sweat. But this problem, like many others in my life (albeit at my wallet’s expense, literally), can be solved with a little shopping. Staying active in the winter is all about having the right gear so that you can stay motivated to get moving. And I know, I know it’s not winter just yet, but it’s time to prep now before it’s too late! Here are my winter fitness go-to items and wish list items:
8. iPad
11. iPhone
What gear gets you up and moving??