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birthday wish list


Next week I will be turning 22! I actually can’t believe it. But, as is only natural, it is of the utmost importance that  share a birthday wish  list with y’all. Here’s what I’m lusting after while I’m feeling twenty-two:

Warby Parker Glasses | Statement Necklaces | Tory Burch iPhone Case | Essie Nail Polish | Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag | A Puppy 🙂

A totally reasonable list for a twenty-something year-old, no?


work & play

work & playFor me, shopping is a lot like hunger; if I eat something, I’m not hungry for a little while, but inevitably the feeling always comes back. If I purchase something, I’m alright for some time, but then the need comes back with a vengeance. I haven’t gone shopping in a longgg time (unless you count buying shampoo and conditioner… the 99 cent kind, mind you) simply because my bank account refuses to accumulate any kind of savings above a certain amount (weekly toiletry runs and gas tank refills wipeout what little I’ve made each week in a heart beat). But recently I’ve come into some cash (from my award ceremony a few weekends ago — yay for cash prizes!) and I’m planning on using it this Friday with my little sister on an outlet shopping extravaganza! Memorial Day deals? Count me in! My wish list includes casual wear items for the few weeks of summer that I do have off as well as some business attire for what will soon be my entire life. Regardless of what I will be buying this weekend, I can’t wait!!

oh snap


Maybe it’s the laws of physics (what goes up must come down), but while I used to like Snapchat (remember this?), I really just can’t stand it now. Believe me, I like getting cute photos from my friends, but checking the darn application takes a little bit more effort than I want to expend (okay, I guess my senioritis is starting to show…). I just let Snapchat notifications pile up until I have an exorbitant amount and have to settle for sending 25+ friends a lack-luster picture of me wearing some expression that says, “errr I had nothing better to share.” I should probably just erase my account, but I’m holding out for those few times I have something wicked cool to share 😉

the addiction


Have you heard of the iPhone game 2048? I was first introduced to the app during my spring break when I watched my twin sister stay up until the wee hours of the night playing it, but I didn’t understand the addiction. NOW I DO.

The game essentially has you slide numbers around a 4×4 matrix, combining like numbers until you reach the ultimate goal of 2048. Once you hit that, you can continue on to try to get even greater numbers! The cool thing about the app is that if you don’t reach 2048 (which oftentimes you don’t because every time you swipe across the board a new number (2 or 4) drops into the matrix, so eventually it fills up) the game still tracks your “score” (don’t ask me how they find that…) so that you know if you’re doing your best yet or better than your friends — hehehe!

The game is SOOOO addicting. I forgot to eat dinner the other night because I was so sucked into it… yeah, that happened. If you don’t have the app yet, proceed with caution. If you do, have you hit 2048 yet??


iphone wardrobe

It’s about time I got a new case for my iPhone. I have three cases for my iPhone: one that I’ve had since I first purchased my phone, one I used all summer through good memories and bad, and finally one I accidentally dropped into a pot of hot melting marshmallows while making rise krispie treats (not my finest moment). So how should I update my little guy’s wardrobe? Here’s what I’m thinking:


Kate Spade – Fortunes Resin iPhone 5 Case – $40


Tory Burch – Robinson Saffiano Hardshell Case for iPhone 5/5S – $60

iPhone 5 Cover

Lilly Pulitzer – iPhone 5 Cover – $32

Which is your favorite??

winter fitness

winter fitness
Winter is arguably the most difficult time of year to stay fit; outdoor activities are out of the question (at least for anyone as perpetually frozen as me) and the lack of sunlight lends itself better to days spent cuddled up in bed instead of breaking out a sweat. But this problem, like many others in my life (albeit at my wallet’s expense, literally), can be solved with a little shopping. Staying active in the winter is all about having the right gear so that you can stay motivated to get moving. And I know, I know it’s not winter just yet, but it’s time to prep now before it’s too late! Here are my winter fitness go-to items and wish list items:
8. iPad
11. iPhone
What gear gets you up and moving??

wish list: kate spade

‘Tis the season for shopping! Ok, maybe not quite yet, but it’s never too soon to jump the gun when it comes for searching out the best holiday purchases. Here’s my list from Kate Spade‘s new arrivals:


Champagne Bottle Coin Purse – $68


Live Colorfully 1.7oz Eau de Parfum – $75


Black Cat Silicon iPhone 5 Case – $45


Bow USB – $50

Which are your favorites? (p.s. keep checking back for more “wish list” posts!)