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delia shift

Today I bought this little number with my sister in Saratoga for all of my various graduations and summertime parties I have coming up in the next few weeks. It was quite the financial investment in my book, but I figured cost-per-wear it was justifiable (ok, I know biggest excuse ever, but it is sooo beautiful!). What do ya think?



spring looks

spring looks

There are two looks that I am absolutely loving for the spring season right now. The first is a pair of high-waisted shorts with an easy tank and some cool aviators, and the second is a pair of white denim jeans with a flow-y top and go-to Jack Rogers sandals. I love the festival feel of the first look just as much as I adore the dinner-at-sunset feel of the second. Now it’s time to decide how to spend my very limited budget…


the view of the Gulf from my grandmother's balcony

the view of the Gulf from my grandmother’s balcony

Last week I spent my spring break down in Naples, Florida with Julia and The Boy. Simply put, it was an absolutely magical week. The weather reached 80 degrees nearly every day and the colors of the ocean and sky were more vibrant than anything I have seen in months. It’s tough to be back in rainy Schenectady when this is what our schedule looked like on a typical day:

10am – Wake up and have a delicious breakfast on the balcony with the bay to our left and the Gulf to our right

11am – Head down to the beach and walk along the shore finding magnificent shells

12pm – Read in the sun while working on our tans

2pm – Go back to the house for a quick bite to eat and get a little break from the rays

3pm – Lounge by the pool diving into more chapters

6pm – Shower off the sand and salt and get gussied up!

7pm – Have a delicious dinner that makes for hours of awesome conversation

9pm – Watch some TV/read while reclining on the world’s most comfortable couch

11pm – Hit the hay dreaming about another awesome day!

I’ve been on plenty of fantastic vacations over the last four years while in college, but this on was by far the fastest. It’s frightening because today is the first day of my last trimester of college. In just 10 short weeks I will be graduated and I know the term is going to disappear in a heartbeat. Follow me the whole time and wish me luck!


enjoying a delicious dinner


always need to make time for lilly!

photo (1)

both Julia and The Boy found twins!


goofballs being abducted…


a lovely sunset

iphone wardrobe

It’s about time I got a new case for my iPhone. I have three cases for my iPhone: one that I’ve had since I first purchased my phone, one I used all summer through good memories and bad, and finally one I accidentally dropped into a pot of hot melting marshmallows while making rise krispie treats (not my finest moment). So how should I update my little guy’s wardrobe? Here’s what I’m thinking:


Kate Spade – Fortunes Resin iPhone 5 Case – $40


Tory Burch – Robinson Saffiano Hardshell Case for iPhone 5/5S – $60

iPhone 5 Cover

Lilly Pulitzer – iPhone 5 Cover – $32

Which is your favorite??

print worth celebrating


I follow a lot of blogs, but one of the most colorful ones (literally) is the Lilly Pulitzer blog. A lot of the posts revolve around store openings here or there or travel guides to magnificent warm places (sigh…), but my favorite regular features on The Juice Stand are the “Print Worth Celebrating” posts. They’re so bright and beautiful and feature what Lilly is known for best: her prints! I have a thing about color… I love buying magazines not really for the stories, but for all of the wonderful colors (it must be related to the same part of my brain that enjoys reading blogs…). Colors elicit an emotional response from me; something is either “happy,” “colorful,” and “bright” or “sad,” dark,” and “dismal.” This time of year in particular I am super sensitive to colors and all the emotions that come with them. That’s why I love to set my computer desktop background to these delicious Lilly prints. They’re spunky and creative and help me stay cheerful when I’m doing work and the sun is setting at 5pm.



back to packing


Pens, pencils, pictures of Mom and Dad, wall hooks, snacks, toothbrush, Brita water filter, Post-its… everyone knows the basic necessities of back-to-school packing, but what about the weird stuff? What about the things you realize you forgot the minute Mom and Dad pull away from your dorm? Well here’s a quick list of six things you shouldn’t forget this year:

1. a bulletin board — I like to use mine to tack up programs, flyers, and pins from various events I attend all term. It’s so wonderful to see the board fill up over the course of the ten weeks and with all of the awesome things to do at Union you can be sure to see your board filled up multiple times over!

2. dishes — Hopefully you’ll be spending most of you time bonding with friends in the dining hall, but for those inevitable meals in-dorm make sure you have some dishes of your own to use. Don’t be that kid who steals from West…

3. an iron and ironing board — I know you think your clothes will stay pin-straight all term from your mom’s awesome ironing before you left for school, but they just won’t. I know. I’m sorry.

4. a flag — Be patriotic. Decorate your room. It’s a win-win!

5. stationary — It’s a little summer-camp-y, but your family will appreciate it (and in case you didn’t already know it, Union is secretly a summer camp). Plus, everyone loves snail mail and writing a good letter is a great way to de-stress.

6. an I.D. case — Skip the lanyard from orientation and grab yourself something more unique. I like this for gals and this for guys.

lilly new arrivals

clove dress

Clove Dress — $198

What a great mid-week pick-me-up to stumble upon some new Lilly Pulitzer fall looks! Although I would like everything, these two pieces are definitely my front-runners and great transitional pieces as we sail from summer into fall. Which are your favorites?

maris top


Maris Top — $98