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black friday


In honor of Black Friday I have decided to share with you my personal Christmas wish list. It includes a number of Lululemon treats, wine accessories (I’m an old girl, it’s ok!), lovely love knot earrings (see Monday’s post), gift cards and, of course, (Mom’s go-to) socks (which I actually love). To be honest, I’m not hugely into Black Friday deals because I feel like most of the really good ones revolve around technology and I fell pretty set with that, but I do like the buzz and the excitement and the getting up early and I can always go for a good Target DVD deal bin so I might just venture out today… What’s on your list this year?


print worth celebrating


I follow a lot of blogs, but one of the most colorful ones (literally) is the Lilly Pulitzer blog. A lot of the posts revolve around store openings here or there or travel guides to magnificent warm places (sigh…), but my favorite regular features on The Juice Stand are the “Print Worth Celebrating” posts. They’re so bright and beautiful and feature what Lilly is known for best: her prints! I have a thing about color… I love buying magazines not really for the stories, but for all of the wonderful colors (it must be related to the same part of my brain that enjoys reading blogs…). Colors elicit an emotional response from me; something is either “happy,” “colorful,” and “bright” or “sad,” dark,” and “dismal.” This time of year in particular I am super sensitive to colors and all the emotions that come with them. That’s why I love to set my computer desktop background to these delicious Lilly prints. They’re spunky and creative and help me stay cheerful when I’m doing work and the sun is setting at 5pm.



lilly new arrivals

clove dress

Clove Dress — $198

What a great mid-week pick-me-up to stumble upon some new Lilly Pulitzer fall looks! Although I would like everything, these two pieces are definitely my front-runners and great transitional pieces as we sail from summer into fall. Which are your favorites?

maris top


Maris Top — $98

lilly summer 2013

Today is a very exciting day: SUMMER 2013 LILLY IS IN STORES!! Color-obsessed girls all over the country are swooning right now. Lilly Pulitzer is a beacon of sunshine and pattern during this often topsy-turvy time of year and despite impending midterms, I am making the time to pour over the new Lilly looks. Here are my must-haves:

Captiva Tunic

Captiva Tunic — $118

Janice Dress

Janice Dress — $188

Worth Skinny Mini Printed

Worth Skinny Mini Printed — $158

Hooked On You Bracelet

Hooked On You Bracelet — $28

What are your favorite Summer 2013 Lilly looks? Also, check out this beyond-inspiring Lilly video:

fancy fest

Lilly Pulitzer’s latest “Fancy Fest” print

Um, can we talk about how absolutely Cat-tastic this new Lilly Pulitzer print is!? “Fancy Fest” is Lilly’s take on the classic British houndstooth pattern, and it is certainly ONE AMAZING TAKE! I need it. It’s as simple as that: I.NEED.IT.

kitties, audrey, dressies, oh my!

i’m thinking i might purrrrrrchase the murfee infinity scarf… MEOW!