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birthday wish list


Next week I will be turning 22! I actually can’t believe it. But, as is only natural, it is of the utmost importance that  share a birthday wish  list with y’all. Here’s what I’m lusting after while I’m feeling twenty-two:

Warby Parker Glasses | Statement Necklaces | Tory Burch iPhone Case | Essie Nail Polish | Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag | A Puppy 🙂

A totally reasonable list for a twenty-something year-old, no?


last minute stocking stuffers

last minute stocking stuffers
It’s two days before Christmas — no, worse — it’s Christmas Eve and your stockings are still not stuffed. Without some elvish magic, what are you supposed to do? Do not fear! Simply pick up one (or more) of these super easy, last minute stocking stuffers:
5. Gum 
(for more stocking stuffer ideas, check here!)

metallic mani


Last week  I took a style study break and painted my nails. I’ve been rocking a lot of pastel-y neutrals this winter (I love Essie’s “Picket Fence,” “Brooch the Subject,” and “Yogaga” just to name a few…), but wanted to switch it up and do a flashy metallic. I wear mostly gold jewelry (bracelets and studs — p.s. my twin sister Julia got me the Kate Spade “Signature Spade Studs” for Christmas and I am loving them!!), but I actually adore the two-tone look and thought some silvery nails would make for a chic switch-up! Like what you see? Do-it-yourself:

1. Completely remove all old nail polish.

2. Cut and file nails into desired shape. (I prefer to use nail scissors over clippers and always go for a rounded rectangular shape — it’s super flattering!)

eww! my gross naked nails!

eww! my gross naked nails!

3. Paint nails with a base coat. (I love Essie’s sensitivity base coat. Essie’s “Feed Me” is also great for dry nails like mine.)

metallic madness!

metallic madness!

4. Paint two coats of nail polish on each nail, letting each coat dry in between. I used an absolutely ancient polish from Delia’s (I’m so surprised it hasn’t dried out yet or gotten all sticky and tacky like old nail polishes usually do…), but you can find a similar color by OPI called “Moonraker” in their Skyfall Collection (I LOVED that movie!!).

5. Seal the deal with a top coat. (Essie’s “Good to Go” is insanely effective and dries your nails like magic!)

the line-up

the line-up

Now you can rock your fashionable fingertips like jewelry! Anyone else trying fancy manis this winter? Need inspiration? Here, here, and here are a few other ideas!

seven stocking stuffers

seven stocking stuffers
Hopefully by now you have all of your major Christmas shopping out of the way, but don’t forget about the stocking stuffers! My family always does big gifts first on Christmas morning, then stockings as a kind of “present dessert.” People often underestimate the power of a simple stocking stuffer, but these inspired items can sometimes pack an even more profound punch then any big ticket treasure on Christmas morning… Still searching for stocking solutions? You’ve come to the right place:
1. Hair ties — You can never have enough hair ties. It seems the more you buy, the less you own. They are tiny security blankets; they are universal friendship bracelets; the vacuum loves to eat them and so does the washing machine. Get a set of ribbon hair ties and you’ve just one-upped an already perfect creation!
2. Moleskine notebook — For the creative in the family. Pocket-sized notebooks are absolutely awesome for jotting down appointments, reminders, ideas, and doodles. Who knows? Maybe the next best business will be recorded this Christmas!
3. Socks — You hated getting them as gifts growing up, but now they’re at the top of your list. Literally, socks were on my Christmas list this year…
4. E.L.F. makeup — With Target’s super inexpensive E.L.F. makeup, who cares if you only use it once? This stuff is perfect for throwing in an overnight bag or your backpack for in-between-class touch ups!
5. Essie nail polish — Are diamonds a girl’s best friend, or is nail polish? Like No. 1, you can never have too much!
6. Ear buds — New Year’s resolutions are just around the corner… equipt thyself!
7. Earring sets — Forever 21 has a killer selection of earring sets this time of year and with prices around the $5, these stocking stuffers are a no-brainer!
Hope these seven stocking stuffers give you all the last-minute gift inspiration you need!  Ho-ho-ho-ho-holey moley Christmas is close!!

red party

red party
Come join Russian and East European Culture Club for our annual Red Party in commemoration of the 1917 October Revolution! Wear red in support of the Bolsheviks or white in support of the anti-Bolsheviks. Delicious Russian food will be served, Slavic songs will be sung, and our favorite Professor Charles Arndt will be returning to share some facts and fun.
Приходите! Come!
Beuth House, Friday November 2nd, 5-8pm

back to school

back to school