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Last Friday my little sister had her Senior Gala. Every year my old high school throws this semi-formal dance at the local Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia for the soon-to-be graduated seniors. The night is a great way to celebrate with your classmates one last time and snap a bazillion pictures. Of course, the best part of the event is shopping for it! I helped my sister find her dress at Piper Boutique in Saratoga Springs last week (when I purchased this little number) and she looked absolutely stunning in it. Definitely one of those dresses that you see a girl wearing and you think to yourself, “Darn! That’s what I should have worn!”

(p.s. I did her hair!!)


like fireworks

like fireworks

I know I must sound like a broken record at this point (see here), but my spring weekends recently have been just so wonderful and definitely way too short. Why does that always happen? This weekend began with a date to see the opening of Godzilla on Thursday (so, so, SO good — will definitely have another post on that some time soon), followed by a personal spa day on Friday and a great party on Friday night (see instagram!). On Saturday I slept in past noon (#college) and met my little sister at my hometown’s annual Niskaday fair. Niskaday is a time-honored tradition for the people of my hometown and going there brought back myriad memories of late spring afternoons spent hanging out with friends after school. My favorite part of the fair was winning fish from the Boy Scout troop’s ping-pong ball game. The Boy and I won 10 fish!! I love them oh so much (but one already died last night and I don’t know how to handle it… and I’m supposed to go out into the real world in three weeks… oops!). Then on Saturday night we joined my parents for the fair’s awesome fireworks show. Sunday brought with it one of my best friend’s graduation party and (unfortunately) the inevitable homework. I really hope I can make some time this week to stay relaxed and keep the weekend sentiment going. Anyone else have a too-short weekend?


In my younger years, I helped run our high school's Horticulture Club's table at Niskaday. We sold home-grown herb and vegetable plants!

In my younger years, I helped run our high school’s Horticulture Club’s table at Niskaday. We sold home-grown herb and vegetable plants!

Tomorrow is a very special day for my home town and Schenectady’s neighboring town, Niskayuna: it’s NISKADAY! Niskaday is an annual celebration of the town of Niskayuna held for the purpose of entertaining and bringing together its residents and the surrounding community. The day begins with a parade through town at 10am (and lots of candy to catch!!), followed by loads of entertainment, games, crafts, and, of course, lots of delicious food! Finally, the day is capped by the most incredible fireworks show that has seriously spoiled fireworks for me forever. Nisky is a hop, skip, and a jump away from Union and you’d be crazy not to check it out tomorrow!

fun rides and fun friends at Niskaday!

fun rides and fun friends at Niskaday!



This weekend my little sister, Maddy, had her junior prom! One great benefit of going to school so close to home is that I was able to help her out with every step of the process. I helped her find the perfect dress, gave her the “ok” on the perfect shoes, found perfectly matching earrings, and spent a lot of time with the local florist explaining exactly how I wanted her date’s corsage to look. It was a great bonding experience for the two of us and she really did look stunning in the end! Ultimately, I was just glad to hear that she had a good time because that’s what matters most to me! I love you, little Maddy!