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20 something

I have been thinking and reading a lot lately about what it means to be who I am and where I am right now in my life. Being 20-something is amazing, but also really horrible and terrifying at the same time. I feel like in the past all major decisions were made for me and I simply had to follow through to the best of my abilities, but now I have to make the major decisions and I can’t even decide how I feel about that! Here are 20 things I worry about as a 20-something:

1. Which is the right career path for me?

2. Should I follow a “set” path or take a chance?

3. How long do I have to “figure things out” until I have to have things figured out?

4. What is life really going to be like after college?

5. Will I disappoint my parents?

6. What will I regret a few years down the road?

7. What will really matter to me in the future that doesn’t matter to me now?

8. What won’t matter to me in the future that does matter to me now?

9. How will my personal relationships play out in the next decade?

10. Does my work have to be my life?

11. When does it become unacceptable to do “kid” things?

12. Will I become cynical?

13. Am I already cynical?

14. Should I listen to my head or my heart?

15. At what point do I forsake happiness now for happiness later?

16. How fast does time really fly?

17. Will I do the right thing in the moment?

18. Is there something that I should be doing that I am not doing right now?

19. Is there something that I should not be doing that I am doing right now?

20. Will I ever be able to answer these questions?

Classically Cat, I worry about these things around-the-clock. I guess the reassuring thing is that in a few years time, I might have some of these answers. The scary thing? Getting there.