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glamorous gal

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Last Friday my little sister had her Senior Gala. Every year my old high school throws this semi-formal dance at the local Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia for the soon-to-be graduated seniors. The night is a great way to celebrate with your classmates one last time and snap a bazillion pictures. Of course, the best part of the event is shopping for it! I helped my sister find her dress at Piper Boutique in Saratoga Springs last week (when I purchased this little number) and she looked absolutely stunning in it. Definitely one of those dresses that you see a girl wearing and you think to yourself, “Darn! That’s what I should have worn!”

(p.s. I did her hair!!)


work & play

work & playFor me, shopping is a lot like hunger; if I eat something, I’m not hungry for a little while, but inevitably the feeling always comes back. If I purchase something, I’m alright for some time, but then the need comes back with a vengeance. I haven’t gone shopping in a longgg time (unless you count buying shampoo and conditioner… the 99 cent kind, mind you) simply because my bank account refuses to accumulate any kind of savings above a certain amount (weekly toiletry runs and gas tank refills wipeout what little I’ve made each week in a heart beat). But recently I’ve come into some cash (from my award ceremony a few weekends ago — yay for cash prizes!) and I’m planning on using it this Friday with my little sister on an outlet shopping extravaganza! Memorial Day deals? Count me in! My wish list includes casual wear items for the few weeks of summer that I do have off as well as some business attire for what will soon be my entire life. Regardless of what I will be buying this weekend, I can’t wait!!

k&co new men’s shorts!


Remember our favorite Krass & Co.? Well, the brand is completely re-vamping things for spring and has come out with an entirely new line of men’s shorts. You MUST check them out! Perfect for the warmer weather and just in time for spring break!!!


And for all of you ladies, don’t fret!! Check back on Wednesday, 3/19 for some surprises of your own!


And, as always, don’t forget to use the code “Usave” at check-out for 20% off of any purchase!

iphone wardrobe

It’s about time I got a new case for my iPhone. I have three cases for my iPhone: one that I’ve had since I first purchased my phone, one I used all summer through good memories and bad, and finally one I accidentally dropped into a pot of hot melting marshmallows while making rise krispie treats (not my finest moment). So how should I update my little guy’s wardrobe? Here’s what I’m thinking:


Kate Spade – Fortunes Resin iPhone 5 Case – $40


Tory Burch – Robinson Saffiano Hardshell Case for iPhone 5/5S – $60

iPhone 5 Cover

Lilly Pulitzer – iPhone 5 Cover – $32

Which is your favorite??

anther wonderful week


Really, where is the time going?! I’ve been in Cali for 17 days now and it honestly feels like I just arrived. I thought my second week couldn’t beat my first, but low and behold it did! Here are some photos from yet another wonderful week:


When I dined at Caltech‘s Athenaeum, the whole place was decked out for the holidays. They had a beyond magnificent tree in the foyer, but my favorite decoration by far was this ginger bread replication of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. I mean, can we please talk about this?!


Classic Julia rocking something, anything Hello Kitty. I’m surprised she doesn’t already own every item available in this Hello Kitty store right around the corner from Caltech.


On Monday, JuliaThe Boy, and I went sailing on the Bay. It was Julia’s first time sailing (stay tuned for a blog post exclusively on that) and we were able to pass under the Golden Gate Bridge just at sunset (another post on that later…). There are no words to describe the views we saw. None.


Only in Cali can you go sailing one day and then skiing the next! On Tuesday I went on my first ever ski trip to Boreal in the Lake Tahoe area of Northern California. The Boy is literally a ski instructor so I was in good hands for the trip. I’m certainly not ready to hit jumps any time soon, but I’m not completely incompetent either, thank goodness!

my week in photos

I can’t believe I’ve been in Cali for nearly two weeks now! Where has the time gone?! Here’s a little photo montage to give you a better picture (hehehe) of what my past week has looked like:


The Boy and I went to Muir Woods to check out the giant red wood trees. It was absolutely incredible and I wish we had had more time to explore the park!


I treated myself to a new Lululemon top (see here). Words can’t even begin to  describe the attention to detail or how much I love it.


We ventured into the city to visit a friend from Union who was in town for a geology conference. We really only drove through, but I am looking forward to exploring more next week with my sister.


Got a beautiful shot of the Golden Gate from a great look-out to the north.


The Boy and I are taking full advantage of Union extensive winter break (read: 6 weeks what whatttt) and reconnecting with our childhood roots. I was creating a house out of Legos when the cat stepped in and decided to add his own touches.


On Wednesday we drove 6 and a half hours down the state of California to visit my sister at Caltech! Here she is with the beautiful boys.


I had the most incredible Waffle Chicken Salad for lunch at Caltech‘s faculty club, The Athenaeum — “a buckwheat waffle made with pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries, topped with frisee, apple, crispy chicken, goat cheese and maple vinaigrette” — that’s one equation that equals YUM.


The Boy enjoyed exploring the Caltech campus and seeing all of the neat scientific displays, including this artwork representing 4D space.

IMG_0139Julia took a glamour pose near J. J. Thompson’s original cathode ray tube — BIG DEAL!


wish list: anthropologie

I’ve done a number of shopping-related posted recently (see here, here, herehere, and HERE…), but the holiday season is fast approaching and that calls for some major wish list brainstorming! Here are some of my top pics from lovely Anthropologie:

parfum drops

Parfum Drops – $188.00

mason jar sippers

Mason Jar Sippers – $48.00

(One of my housemates (Emanuel of Scratch) uses mason jars left and right for everything from a drink mixer to storage for delicious leftovers – you can’t have too many!)

monogrammed filigree keychain

Monogrammed Filigree Keychain – $18.00

stripes abound apron

Stripes Abound Apron – $36.00

(I have an apron from Anthropolgie and I absolutely adore it! It was super inexpensive given Anthropolgie prices and it’s probably more fashionable than any dress I own!)

cityscape necklace

Cityscape Necklace – $108.00

(Maybe it’s because I know I will be headed to NYC after school (see here), but I am really loving this adorable upside-down necklace.)

mini latte bowls

Mini Latte Bowls – $20.00

(I love little bowls and dishes (it’s a thing…) and these are no exception! I have a mini latte bowl from Anthropolgie that I use all the time. Plus, I’m pretty sure Dan Humphrey uses one for breakfast in Gossip Girl, so that’s reason enough to add it to your list!)