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Let’s just say there’s nothing like some fashion inspiration to get a girl through the middle of the week. I swear, between Bloglovin‘ and Pinterest, I have all the escape I need sometimes! Here are a few lovely ladies that are keeping my fashion frenzy fueled:


How cute is Cait of Southern Curls & Pearls? And can we please talk about those jeans?!? NEED THEM NOW.


Emily of The Sweetest Thing is just stunning and I love how she’s pulling off neon with such a classic silhouette here. Definitely can picture myself walking down the streets of Manhattan wearing something like this come summer…



I wish I had a sailing trip on my horizon, because this flow-y cover-up is just too wonderful! Thank you, Julia of Gal Meets Glam, for sharing this!


I think Kate Spade can literally do no wrong. This simple monogrammed necklace would be great for layering or alone!



Although I like Carly’s outfit here, it’s really her hair that I’m lusting after. Usually I’m one to notice how someone’s hair is styled over anything else, but here I am seriously crushing on that color! Does she dye it? Should I dye mine??

Happy Wednesday, dear readers! How are you amping up your outfits to get through the week?


iphone wardrobe

It’s about time I got a new case for my iPhone. I have three cases for my iPhone: one that I’ve had since I first purchased my phone, one I used all summer through good memories and bad, and finally one I accidentally dropped into a pot of hot melting marshmallows while making rise krispie treats (not my finest moment). So how should I update my little guy’s wardrobe? Here’s what I’m thinking:


Kate Spade – Fortunes Resin iPhone 5 Case – $40


Tory Burch – Robinson Saffiano Hardshell Case for iPhone 5/5S – $60

iPhone 5 Cover

Lilly Pulitzer – iPhone 5 Cover – $32

Which is your favorite??

ta ta, twin!


my beautiful twin, julia

Yesterday my twin sister flew from Albany to LAX to go back to school. I always hate when Julia leaves in the fall because it officially marks the end of my summer too. The single most difficult thing I have had to deal with during my time in college (yes, even counting work!) is being apart from my twin sister. It’s like a piece of me is missing. I took her constant presence for granted during our younger years and I now miss her every day. But growing up and being a apart has been exhilarating and has made us closer in a way. I am so proud of my twin sister and wish her the best of luck during her senior year!!

my twin at the track

my twin at the track

twin date at the russian tea room!

twin date at the russian tea room!

literally one of the funniest snapchats i have ever received

literally one of the funniest snapchats i have ever received… sorry, jules!



basically neutral

basically neutral 1

My twin sister swears by neutrals; almost her entire wardrobe consists of grays, browns, and dark blues. I used to give her a hard time about it, but when I realized that she could mix and match many more outfits much more easily than I could I had a change of heart. Maybe neutrals are the way to go! And with a pop of color? Yes, please!

basically neutral 2


basically neutral 3


9/11 memorial

911 1

During my last week in the city, I had the opportunity to visit the 9/11 Memorial downtown. The memorial, albeit not entirely finished, was absolutely outstanding. The two pools where the North and South buildings used to stand were horrifyingly breathtaking and the vast number of names stenciled out of the surrounding panels left one awestruck by the myriad individuals killed that day. Perhaps the most lasting experience I had during that visit was stumbling upon a name on the southeast corner of the North Pool; it read “Dianna Lynn Galante and her Unborn Child.” As time inevitably moves forward from that day, it is important that memorials like these are available to teach children who weren’t even alive in 2001 that tragedies do happen and the undeserving sometimes suffer.  Today we not only remember those who died in the 9/11 attacks, but the countless individuals whose lives were forever changed that day.

911 2

re-cap re-cat

With exactly one week until I’m back at my favorite place on earth, I thought it might be appropriate to recap my last real summer ever (don’t worry, the freaking out has already begun). While it would be impossible for me to chronicle every up and down of the past two months, here’s a good picture (or pictures) of what Summer 2013 looked like for me:


1. Worked on Wall Street

Well, not physically on Wall Street, but close enough to realize that it may not exactly be what I want to do with my life after school...

Well, not physically on Wall Street, but close enough to see all the hustle and bustle

2. Traveled the country

Including beautiful San Francisco...

Visiting both beautiful San Francisco…

... and Puerto Rico!

… and Puerto Rico!

3. Visited my family upstate

And did quintessentially upstate things, like hitting the Saratoga Race Track.

And did quintessentially upstate things, like hitting the Saratoga Race Track.

4. Learned how to sail

I LOVE LOVE LOVED it. Pretty much a dream come true. Did I mention I loved it?

I loveloveloved it. Pretty much a dream come true. Did I mention I loved it?

5. Made new friends

... and kept the old. <3

… and kept the old. ❤

lovely labor day

lovely labor day

Happy Labor Day, dear readers! I will be spending the day shopping great deals, eating delicious food, and thoroughly enjoying being back home with my family. Have a wonderful holiday!