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new shorts


The other day I received two new paris of Krass & Co. shorts in the mail. I got Beachcomber in navy and Wildflower in white. I already loved the few pairs I had, but these take it to a whole new level. They are absolutely perfect. The navy pair makes me feel oh-so-fit while the white pair makes my legs look sooo tan! There is nothing better than the feeling of working out, and there is no better way to work out than while looking great! Krass & Co’s new line of shorts are to-die-for and you should treat yourself to a pair right away 😉 Perfect for easy jogs, quick runs, and cat walks!


And don’t forget to use the code “Usave” at checkout to received 20% off!!


mother’s day weekend



that’s yours truly on the flute!

Where do I even begin with this weekend? On Friday afternoon I presented my Senior Thesis at my school’s annual Steinmetz Symposium. It went really well and both my father and The Boy were able to attend. It was so great sharing my work with my old professors, family, and friends. Then I had my last orchestra concert ever on Friday night. We played Dvorak’s Symphony No. 9 — a real favorite.

The Boy and I after my Prize Day ceremonies

me and The Boy after my Prize Day ceremonies


yummy homemade chocolate covered strawberries for my momma!


the whole family (minus cali twin) at the Tulip Fest

On Saturday I was inducted into Union’s chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. It was a really special honor as my mother and both of my grandmothers are also members. Afterwards the school celebrated with a beautiful brunch. Then that afternoon was Prize Day. Every year Union holds Prize Day in order to recognize special seniors (and some juniors and sophomores!) for their excellence and contributions to the school and community. The ceremony holds a lot of suspense as none of the recipients are announced until they have to walk up to the stage to receive their award! This year I was honored to receive three awards: the Andrew W. Archibald award “To the senior earning a Bachelor of Arts degree with the highest scholastic standing,” the John Iwanik Prize “to an outstanding Russian language student” (and two of my other Russian language friends won with me!), and the Horatio G. Warner award “to a student of high personal character who has the highest scholastic standing in the Bachelor of Arts program.” It was a beautiful and exciting ceremony.





Finally, Sunday was Mother’s Day! I spent the day with my mom (and my family) at the Albany Tulip Festival. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. The weather was beautiful, the tulips were incredible, and with good food and good family there were lots of laughs 🙂 At night The Boy and I celebrated our one year anniversary by satisfying our Chinese food cravings at P. F. Chang’s.  I hadn’t been there in a really long time, so it was a nice treat.


such a cutie!!



I can’t believe my weekend is over already! I had such an incredible time and although the weather is gorgeous today, it’s tough getting back to the grindstone. Anyone else missing their weekend?

cookies & cream


I’m always down for a delicious recipe and if it includes chocolate? Then definitely count me in! The other day I was scrolling through Pinterest and stumbled upon this amazing cookies & cream frozen hot chocolate recipe. Perfect hot chocolate twist for the spring time (yes, my fingers are still crossed for this warmer weather that will be here any day now)? YES and YUM! Can’t wait to try it out, plus it fulfills two of my college student recipe requirements: cheap and easy!

thesis, check!

thesis, check!

Today I completed my senior thesis. It was seven months of long, hard work, but it is finally done! Finished! Kaput! Done-zo! OVER! I honestly had a really wonderful time working on my thesis (my advisor was absolutely awesome and I really loved the project that I was doing), but it is nice to finally put an end to that chapter… literally! This weekend I’m looking forward to relaxing with friends, reading for fun, catching up on Netflix, treating myself to some boba (of course!), and maybe spendingatonofmoneycauseishouldtreatmyself?!? No, I will show some restraint, but I am definitely, definitely looking forward to becoming a total senioritis-stricken vegetable this spring!!

Who else can check their senior thesis off of their life-long to-do list

(and is celebrating this weekend)?

wish list: lululemon

While my personal Christmas wish list was primarily items from Lululemon (see here), I think it is important that I do a separate Lululemon Christmas Wish List (like I have done for other beautiful brands here and here. Oh, and I’ve wish-list-ed Lulu before here…) to highlight their magnificent items. If you’re wondering what’s lovely from Lulu lately, here you go:

Base Runner 1:2 Zip

Base Runner 1/2 Zip — $98

(I just treated myself to this baby last week. Worth.Every.Penny. I’m so serious — I am going to live in this top this winter.)

Run- Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve  — $68

(My sister bought this for herself during Black Friday. Not fair! I have been lusting over this top for months!)

Boogie Short

Boogie Short — $42

(I get really hot during yoga so I think these shorties would actually be perfect for my practice. Also, bare legs make tree poses SO much easier…)

Sweat Once a Day Bag

Sweat Once a Day Bag — $128

(This bag definitely isn’t cheap, but it is so beautiful! I can just see myself toting it through New York City after work on my way to the yoga studio. Sigh!)

Knit Happens Leg Warmers

Knit Happens Leg Warmers — $58

(My mom is going to make so much fun of me for this, but I think these things look fantastic. Especially with the cold weather upon us, don’t extra layers on your legs sound perfect??)

What do you have on your wish list for Lululemon right now?

tis the season

mint chocolate

Tis the season for delicious scents! I popped into Bath and Body Works the other week to redeem an awesome candle-with-purchase coupon. I chose this adorable mint chocolate scented candle as my free-be and oh how glad I am that I did! It smells absolutely scrumptious and I love lighting it when I am doing my makeup or reading or blogging! If I had the money, I would buy countless candles for every and any occasion. (My dream is still to someday own one of these).

sleep in san francisco


I’ve been in California for approximately 48 hours and I’m afraid to admit that I’ve spent a great deal of that time asleep. I don’t know what it is (reverse jet lag?), but I’ve been totally wiped out! Of course, I’ve had many good meals, watched a few movies, and caught up with The Boy’s family — all of which has been wonderful. I’m just so happy to be here and be taking it easy and really using this vacation time as vacation time. When I first visited NorCal I honestly thought I would hate it. It was so foreign to me and I thought it would be super rainy and cloudy and flaky. But, I was proved wrong! I loveeee this area and could definitely see myself here sometime in the near/far future. Everyone is so active and friendly and there’s not a snow flake in the sky!! This weekend I will be catching up with some other friends from school, bop around the city, and (of course) just keep relaxing away! What are your weekend plans??