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birthday wish list


Next week I will be turning 22! I actually can’t believe it. But, as is only natural, it is of the utmost importance that  share a birthday wish  list with y’all. Here’s what I’m lusting after while I’m feeling twenty-two:

Warby Parker Glasses | Statement Necklaces | Tory Burch iPhone Case | Essie Nail Polish | Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag | A Puppy 🙂

A totally reasonable list for a twenty-something year-old, no?


work & play

work & playFor me, shopping is a lot like hunger; if I eat something, I’m not hungry for a little while, but inevitably the feeling always comes back. If I purchase something, I’m alright for some time, but then the need comes back with a vengeance. I haven’t gone shopping in a longgg time (unless you count buying shampoo and conditioner… the 99 cent kind, mind you) simply because my bank account refuses to accumulate any kind of savings above a certain amount (weekly toiletry runs and gas tank refills wipeout what little I’ve made each week in a heart beat). But recently I’ve come into some cash (from my award ceremony a few weekends ago — yay for cash prizes!) and I’m planning on using it this Friday with my little sister on an outlet shopping extravaganza! Memorial Day deals? Count me in! My wish list includes casual wear items for the few weeks of summer that I do have off as well as some business attire for what will soon be my entire life. Regardless of what I will be buying this weekend, I can’t wait!!

red, white, and blue


Is there anything better than the smell in the air as the seasons change from winter to spring? This is my absolute favorite time of the year. New grass is sprinkled with morning dew, flower buds are just beginning to pop up, and the sun is miraculously still in the sky even after dinner (and dessert!). Perhaps one of the things I am looking forward to most this spring is spending time running outdoors. I have always found jogging to be a great way for me to clear my head and I definitely get a lot more out of it being able to run around neighborhoods and bike trails rather than being stuck staring at the same gym wall while on a treadmill. And what better way to celebrate outdoor exercise than sporting some red, white, and blue for our beautiful country? My favorite short company, Krass & Co., has come out with a new line of women’s shorts and these patriotic pairs are to die for! Save 20% at checkout with the code “Usave” and treat yourself to a pair (or two!!).


Krass & Co. “Sam’s Shorts” – $39.95

rwb2Krass & Co. “America Shorts” – $40.00

Happy running!!

(P.S. For more about Krass & Co. see here, here, and here!)

wish list: lululemon

While my personal Christmas wish list was primarily items from Lululemon (see here), I think it is important that I do a separate Lululemon Christmas Wish List (like I have done for other beautiful brands here and here. Oh, and I’ve wish-list-ed Lulu before here…) to highlight their magnificent items. If you’re wondering what’s lovely from Lulu lately, here you go:

Base Runner 1:2 Zip

Base Runner 1/2 Zip — $98

(I just treated myself to this baby last week. Worth.Every.Penny. I’m so serious — I am going to live in this top this winter.)

Run- Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve

Run: Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve  — $68

(My sister bought this for herself during Black Friday. Not fair! I have been lusting over this top for months!)

Boogie Short

Boogie Short — $42

(I get really hot during yoga so I think these shorties would actually be perfect for my practice. Also, bare legs make tree poses SO much easier…)

Sweat Once a Day Bag

Sweat Once a Day Bag — $128

(This bag definitely isn’t cheap, but it is so beautiful! I can just see myself toting it through New York City after work on my way to the yoga studio. Sigh!)

Knit Happens Leg Warmers

Knit Happens Leg Warmers — $58

(My mom is going to make so much fun of me for this, but I think these things look fantastic. Especially with the cold weather upon us, don’t extra layers on your legs sound perfect??)

What do you have on your wish list for Lululemon right now?

tis the season

mint chocolate

Tis the season for delicious scents! I popped into Bath and Body Works the other week to redeem an awesome candle-with-purchase coupon. I chose this adorable mint chocolate scented candle as my free-be and oh how glad I am that I did! It smells absolutely scrumptious and I love lighting it when I am doing my makeup or reading or blogging! If I had the money, I would buy countless candles for every and any occasion. (My dream is still to someday own one of these).

fried eggs

fried egg

The other day I cooked my first fried egg. I know. Who am I? With real life just a few short months away for me, I thought it was about time that I began racking up some real culinary skills. Now, I know a fried egg is nothing to write home about (although, in my book that’s pretty tempting), but I think it’s certainly a step in the right direction! I don’t know if I will have any much time to cook when I begin working, but I really want to make a point of it. Time to add some cookware sets to the wish list??

black friday


In honor of Black Friday I have decided to share with you my personal Christmas wish list. It includes a number of Lululemon treats, wine accessories (I’m an old girl, it’s ok!), lovely love knot earrings (see Monday’s post), gift cards and, of course, (Mom’s go-to) socks (which I actually love). To be honest, I’m not hugely into Black Friday deals because I feel like most of the really good ones revolve around technology and I fell pretty set with that, but I do like the buzz and the excitement and the getting up early and I can always go for a good Target DVD deal bin so I might just venture out today… What’s on your list this year?